Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Laundry Time!!!

It's laundry time, and I'm ready to kick some laundry booty with my newly fixed, super-duper washing machine.

Okay, I just said that to try and PUMP ME UP for the inordinate amount of dirty clothes I have awaiting washing. . . it didn't work.

Fortunately, the machine repair didn't break the bank too badly. What was clogging the drain pump? Hmmmm, let's see:

-67 cents in small coin denominations (I mean nothing bigger than a dime), courtesy of the Mister
-2 bobby pins, courtesy of Hatfield
-2 Lego decapitated heads, courtesy of Atticus
-4 Polly Pocket items, courtesy of Paloma
and, the "kicker" as the repair guy called it:
-1 quart-sized Zip-Loc freezer bag, courtesy of. . . shall I say it? Oh, the shame of it all. . .

Moi and the apron pockets I often forget to empty.


And if it is really true that bad things happen in three, then I claim my three right here and now:

1) Our wonky furnace--now heating and humidifying
2) Our burned out dryer--now drying
3) Our clogged washing machine--now draining and spinning

I hereby EXEMPT every single appliance I own from falling into a state of disrepair or utter brokenness for the next 365 days from today, October 28, 2008.

Yeah, Sarah, good luck with that one!

I may not be blogging for the next, let's see, billion hours, because that's how much laundry I have to do right now. Until then, I wish you a very BLESSED day in which ALL of your appliance work PERFECTLY!


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife,
I will help and/or do as many laundry as I can. Its a lot, and the folding and putting away takes forever.

Methinks that if you replaced all of your underwear with special underwear (rhymes with pong), that would require less water and less space in the laundry machines (yes, I know, your unmentionables don't take up 1% of the laundry loads but hey, its worth a shot!!)


Sarah & Crew said...

Dude, I am SO TRYING to keep this blog rated 'G'!!!!

Sarah & Crew said...

PS, Mister: I will if you will.

Melanie said...

Ziploc bag, bummer. I remember once my Dad having to take apart the clogged toilet, of which my parents were sure I something to do with, only to find the toothbrush my mom used for cleaning the bathroom floor...huh, must have went down the dirt water. Sometimes those things happen to moms!