Thursday, October 02, 2008


It is 3:05 p.m.

In 25 minutes, my Mister will be arriving home to whisk me away on a romantical night getaway (Yes, I know that is not a real world. It's from Monsters Inc. and I think it's cute. Yes, I know I watch too much Pixar.)

The children will be spending a night spoiled by Jimmy and Junk Food and The Disney Channel.

The house is clean and the laundry complete, so I will not have to dread my return.

Reservations are made at a wonderful restaurant.

My favorite skirt is ironed.

Something made from some very pretty vintage silk and lace is packed in my overnight bag.

A whirlpool tub awaits.


I have come down with a doozy of a head cold.



Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Have fun with your Mister on your getaway!!!


Jen said...

Hope you had fun despite the head cold...

Anonymous said...

If you are setting our night in a not-real world, you can pixar me some six-pack abs and have your husband be thunder from the-land-over-not-under.

I LOVED HAVING YOU ALL TO MYSELF FOR ONE NIGHT (the caps is my way of standing on top of a mountain and yelling to the world around me). Thank you for being...well, for being absolutely wonderful in every way. Head cold or not, you are still the one I love and adore.

-Mr. C

Sawatzky Kids said...

Don't ya just love Romantical Night Getaways!!! :)
Have a great night!! And REBUKE that head cold!! ;0