Friday, October 10, 2008

An evening rally

was a day when:
*news, that was not-the-news-we-wanted-to-hear, was heard,
*little Atticus had a fever and a cough,
*miss Paloma's ear hurt.
*the Mister came home sick from work (which he never does, so I knew he was *really* sick),
*Hattie's closet innards and desk guts exploded over the rest of her room while she worked hard on making a room 'library.'

But at the end we rallied, refusing to let the blechy things get the best of us. The cure?

Pizza party!

The Mister tried to look debonair,

but we think his smile is a much better look.

The girls huddled with happiness!

The kids settled down with a family room Pepperoni Pizza Picnic and watched a movie.

While the Mister and I sat down to this healthier beauty at the kitchen table.

Even Mom managed to pull off a big tired grin at the end of our helluva day.


Amanda said...

Nothin' like a good rally to end the evening :~)

ManyBlessings said...

Praying for your family.

And sitting in amazement at the faith God has given you. Hold fast to that hope.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Gotta love a good pizza party! :)
Glad to see the Cruz family ended the day on a fun note!
Shelly and gang

bbbunch said...

Carpet picnics with pizza, popcorn and movie nights are my kids absolute favorite!!! By the way...we LOVE Nick & Willy's. What kind did you get? I looks fab! Glad I got to hug you (in person) on your yucky day...and
glad to see a smile at the end of it!

Love you,

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

i left a comment yesterdya, but somehow it didn't go through.

I AM SORRY ABOUT THE BP NEWS, and i am praying for it to recitfied Asap!!! Pizza parties are the best!!! We have them every Friday night just to celebrate the end of the week.

Melanie said...

You all are just too cute. I love the pic of the girls...with little Pona squeezin' in.

And I love the black bookcase tv shelf thing with the metal buckets...I so need to do that!

Hope you have a good Friday!

Melanie said...

oh and I love the new vintage blog look!