Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night I took this photo of Atticus.

Two twisty baby teeth, perched precariously on his gums by minuscule threads.

And I realized it.

Never again would I put my baby boy to bed with all of his baby teeth.

I cried.

I've been a bit weepy and sentimental these days.

Ever have those moments--be it a minute, or day, or maybe even a string of days--where you are just so in love with everyone and everything in your life.

Like so in love it nearly hurts?

I've been experiencing that feeling a lot lately. Probably because I spend time thinking about time and waiting and life. A Haitian adoption will kind of do that to you.

Reading NieNie's blog will do that to you as well.

Right now, in my home, I have 3 precious children.

My 10 year old daughter loves to read, loves her pets, loves her dolls and toys. She loves to make up stories and plays. She can spend hours outside riding her bicycle or roller blading. She visibly becomes gleeful when we hunker down to read our Nancy Drew each and every night. She thinks it is fun to wash her baby sister's hair salon-style. And if you ask her one of her favorite things to do, she'll tell you to have a sleepover in Mom's room where we watch movies and bead each other's hair while Dad is away on business.

My 6 year old son asks me about a zillion questions a day. He loves Robinson Crusoe and Star Wars and drawing elaborate military plans of attack on paper. He's learning to read and last night read me two Clifford easy reading books. All. By.Himself. The cool thing is that I have the PRIVILEGE to teach him to read. Me. I covet this privilege. And I love it. He thinks he is the bomb because he can skip count by 2's and 10's. He zooms around the driveway and yard on his 2-wheeler. He rollerblades and never cries when he falls--and he falls hard-- but he'll cry at the drop of the hat if he feels wronged by a sister.

My 3 year old loves life. She loves to sing, to dance, to holler, "Ta-Da! It's Tinder-nella!" She has the most wonderfully expressive facial expression. She comprehends so much that she never misses a beat, even in our parent-big kid conversations. She loves potty humor, which we all know she did not get from me (I abhor potty humor, seriously). She has no fear of anything except airplanes flying overhead, and she can beat out the big kids in tricycle races. I spend hours each day playing house/pets/dinosaurs/little ponies, where we are each a character who greets each other, over and over and over again, in high falsetto voices, "Hi! How are you today? Come and see my house!"

And my Mister. . . well, there's a lot to say there. I truly realize how incredibly blessed I am to have him. We've faced some dreadful circumstances and kicked its ass down the block. We clawed our way (not at each other) through the trials and have demonstrated that when we took our vows and said, for better or for worse, we meant it. Tested and proven. We don't doubt it, and there is an overwhelming sense of love and security there. We can spend hours just talking and laughing and never get bored with one another. Every night when I know he is about to come home, I get excited and put on fresh lipstick and blusher. He is my best friend.

And these two little guys. Not much longer before they are home. Whether it is next week or 3 months from now, it doesn't matter, because I am their Mama and this is their HOME. Each day brings us one day closer to their homecoming. They are worth the wait.

I don't know what tomorrow holds. That thought alone lets me sink a little deeper into the bliss I'm feeling for today.

And today, I wish for you a little wonderful bliss of your own.


Chapter Two Manmi said...

Beautiful post! A little wonderful bliss in itself.

Anonymous said...

Its important to add praise about you! In our home, we are all lucky to have a mom who spends every moment of every day being what her family needs. She devotes more than 40 hours per week in preparing for and teaching our children in a homeschool environment where they are excelling and learning not only facts, such as dates and names, but why things happen, why the facts are facts, and the lives and stories behind the facts. She also tailors her lessons to her kids' needs and learning styles and it has made a great impact on their rate of learning.

She is wonderful in also finding the time to cook from scratch delicious meals and use organic items from a CSA she found locally to supplement the vegetables and fruits from the garden she has cultivated. She does this without expectation of thanks and often without help in the cleanup after.

She is the backbone of the family in providing a moral base, a religious example, and unceasing love and patience toward those energetic kids and their oddball father. This is supported by the comparison of how difficult it is for their dad to show that same amount of devotion without stumbling from frustration or distraction.

Most of all, she is a warm, loving person that the kids cry for when they are hurt, when they are sad, and hungrily jump at the chance to spend time with her cuddling in bed because she is the sun in their universe.

Our home is wonderful, all the more so, because you are there for all of us.


Sarah & Crew said...

Awwww, Mister, you have me blushing and crying at the same time!

blessedfamily said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! You have a way with words that puts everything in perspective.

And I LOVE the fact that Mr comments on every post and isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

bbbunch said...

May I add that you are also a loving, warm and beautiful friend that has added so much to my life. Sarah, I thank God for you every day! Thank you for always being there for me and truly understand where it is that I am coming from as a woman, wife, mother, Christian, childwhoselostaparent, etc. The list is endless and so is my gratitude for you. :)

PrettyOrganized said...

Okay ma'am, you've got the hat boxes! I was so drawn to your blog it just felt right.

I think it was your very handsome boys thay you're waiting for... we check into haitian adoption as well. We have 2 AA girls. Both American made- NC and MD. I know where you are. I'll enjoy checking back to see when you get those cuties. You're right, you're their mom.

Check my blog for details on contacting me and letting me know what colors you want!

Pretty Organized

ania said...

Dear Sarah,

After reading this, and or the first time ever in my life, I had the teeny-tiniest seed of a thought that:

Maybe....finding someone, raising a family, could be something for me.

Take care.