Friday, October 17, 2008

Atticus and Paloma miss Hattie very, VERY much

Jimmy (aka Grandma, aka Sarah's Mom) just came and took Hattie out for a very special Girl's Night Slumber Party.

Atticus and Paloma miss Hattie very, very much. In the 5 minutes she has been gone, they have already informed me:

Playing Webkinz is no fun without Hattie.

Playing Hide and Seek is no fun without Hattie.

It is a sad, blue afternoon.

To cheer up Atticus and Paloma, I told them that I would play Guitar Hero with them. They found the plan acceptable, but just barely. While I was in the kitchen pouring us ice waters, I heard a small, sad, muffled cry. Much like a little baby bird:


And this is what I found:

Poor Atticus was trapped inside our Halloween decoration tub. Paloma was holding the cover down and just would not let him out.

After I physically pried Paloma off of the tub, Atticus emerged.

Upset, he won't go near Paloma with a 10-foot pole.

Now Atticus is crying.
Now Paloma is crying.
Soon Mommy will be crying.
Only Ernie our 3-legged beagle remains composed.

Hattie, hurry home. We MISS you!
Your Very Sad and Lonely Family


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Sarah,
What I find that works the best is to tie them all up and put them in the chokey (Matilda reference there). They end up crying all the same and you save on the drama. A 7-7 helps to take the edge off as well as playing Guitar Hero.

Seriously, you are a trooper. I would have gone crazy after 3 hours without help or put "Braveheart" on out of desperation. That, plus chocolate, plus candy, equals sugar meltdown and you coming home (theoretically, of course, not resembling real life) to a cacaphony of Crezendo Craziness.


small town girl said...

Aw..the pictures are adorable. I have those same pumpkin lights, by the way! LOVE THEM!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Ahh gotta love those little sisters! lol
Hope Atticus has recovered from the Rubbermaid incident! ;)
Shelly and gang