Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking "My Big Freak Out" off Tomorrow's Schedule

We've learned the news that, in all probability, tomorrow's scheduled birth parent interviews will not happen. The roads in Haiti are terrible right now, and our birth mothers live in outlying areas. For these poor people, getting to the Consulate on time is probably the least of their worries. In a sense, I feel terribly selfish and horrible for having any sort of disappointed feeling in this regard, but I'd be dishonest to say otherwise. Yes, I am disappointed. But I am outraged, worried and saddened by the conditions in Haiti right now, and how the help that is assigned to them is corrupted and never brought.

Please read the post below this one, and please make telephone call to your state's representatives. Put it on your blog. It's an easy thing to do.

If you have children, say, 3rd, 4th grade or up, consider having them make a call. They don't need to delve into the full politics of it all. They can say something similar to what Hattie said:

"Hi, my name is Hattie and I am 10 years old. I have 2 little brothers who live in an orphanage in Haiti, and many kids in Haiti are starving after all the bad storms. I would like to ask Senator Kohl to help the people of Haiti get the food and water they need from the U.N."

Honestly, what better way to show our children about our system of public servants than to have them call on one in a time of need? What better way to teach children to "do for the least of these brothers of mine?" then to explain to them how they can help, and then give them a way to help?

Eventually, the water will subside and a travel-safe path will exist for our birthmothers to attend their Consulate-mandated interview. Eventually, our boys will come home, and for us, life will go on.

For many others, they are not that lucky. These families are waiting to die. Those words sat heavy in my heart yesterday. It's only a moment to help. If you have taken the time to read and then forward an email supporting your favorite political candidates or to engage in a 2-minute conversation about why you can't stand one of the candidates, please consider setting aside the same little bit of time to make a call on behalf of the people of Haiti. You'll never know what a difference it could possibly make.

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Jen said...

Hi Sarah, I called my MLA yesterday to ask him about the situation in Haiti. He was very aware of what was going on and is trying to get more info for me. Those poor people....