Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Silver Lining

Sara called this morning to pass along the news that our birth parent interview did not go through. The birth parents were again a no show, although it's my vague understanding that they told our director that they would attend. Either way, I was fully prepared for this so the news was not a shock.

The good news in this, if it can be called that, is that we do not have to wait another month for a new parent interview. Our O director spoke with the Consulate, who expressed empathy and said that due to the birth parent distance from PAP, as soon as they showed up at the O, she could bring them in for the interview, no appointment necessary. Praise God for small favors.

Constantly being devastated over the lack of progress in the adoption is exhausting, so today I'm focusing on my shining, silver linings.

We were at the library this morning for Paloma's Story Hour, when the older children can pick out books for reading hour during the week. As usual, I fielded several questions about the children and homeschool. And as usual, I hear these responses:

"Oh, I could never do that/Not in a million years."
"Better you than me."
"My kids would never listen to me."

I usually smile, nod and say, "It's certainly not for everyone, but we are so lucky to live in a place where we have so many good options for schooling."

But here's the thing. I love schooling my children. I love the excitement of watching them grow and learn. I love the quiet family moments we get to share. I love the loud, crazy family moments we get to share. I love watching the sibling bonds grow and strengthen between them. The thought of my having to miss all of these things makes me want to cry. I look at this opportunity as one of the greatest blessings of my life.

They are my silver lining in all these crazy, up and down moments.


Amanda said...

Well...I'm so sorry that the interview didn't take place, but so glad they are showing empathy toward the situation. I'll pray that the day comes quickly.

You're certainly have sweet "silver linings." :~)

Sawatzky Kids said...

What a great Mommy post Sarah! Our kids really do put things into perspective don't they?! Great pictures of the kids too!
hehehehehehhehehe still laughing over the t-shirt over there!
shelly and gang

Jen said...

I am glad that even though they didn't make it in today they can come any time to get it over with. You are coping in the best way possible; enjoying what you have.

It will be soon....

This Mama said...

awww, I sure wish you lived closer to me. I would home school is I had other Mom's around who did it as well.

Do you get an educational resource credit at all? I think here we get $1000 per child, per year. When I think of having 6 at home, I think you could do a lot on a $6,000 year budget for homeschooling. So, you know, maybe in a year you will see me starting my own homeschooling program. Who knows. I flounder. I am the world's biggest flounderer.

I am sorry to here about the BP interview but I am glad they have rearranged things to make it a drop in appointment.

I am thinking of you. I check in from time to time but am never quite sure what to say. I hope things happen.

ManyBlessings said...

Ah shoot... :( So sorry about the interview. Drat, drat again.

I'm with you on the homeschooling. I LOVE have my kiddos here! :) Call us crazy I guess!


Beau said...

Your strength never ceases to amaze me Sarah. I am so glad that they are showing empathy toward your situation, so we will keep praying that things will progress as needed to bring your beautiful boys home to meet their equally beautiful siblings. Those pictures are lovely, thanks for sharing. I realized yesterday that I have been focusing a lot this summer on loss, and not so much on the blessings that I do have...healthy, beautiful children, a loving husband, my lifetime of memories and friends like you. Thank you for a post that confirms my realization :)

Love you,

Katy said...

So sorry about the interview...Praying and praying that your wait is over soon..precious pics!

small town girl said...

Your children are adorable as always. I am so glad Marie will be able to bring the parents in as soon as they show up. She will make it all happen. Hang in there! I can't wait till those boys are home!