Friday, September 05, 2008

A Loud Ewwwww and an Even Louder HALLEJULAH

As I reported a few weeks back, my dryer went belly up on me. With an impending trip to Haiti, I made the choice not to disrupt the balance of our savings account and rather wait it out until the Mister's next pay period. I've since had to resort to line drying, which worked fine for me, until the forecast turned cold and rainy yesterday morning.

Lo and behold, the Mister got paid today, so I placed a service call yesterday morning.

"We have an opening this afternoon," the gal cheerfully told me. Well, I wasn't going to say no to that, so I happily set it up a day before the Mister got paid. We had 3 bed wetting incidents in a 24-hour period and I was looking at a 3-day forecast of solid rain to ruin any chances of line drying; I wanted the dryer fixed.

The service man came out, correctly diagnosed the problem from the sound alone, quoted me an insanely reasonable price, and wheeled it off to the shop. "I'll bring it back tomorrow afternoon (today), fixed, cleaned and quieter than when you brought it home new from Sears." He even said that they'll take payment tomorrow, which happens to be the Mister's actual paydate.

Deal. See how nicely that all worked out? Remember my dishwasher experience? I'm not used to this sort of thing.

Of course, after he left, I was completely GROSSED OUT at what was all lurking behind and underneath my dryer.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a piggy. I just have a dryer/laundry cabinet set up that prevents me from being able to wedge my head far enough back there to see what all fell behind the machine in the course of the past 2 years (excuses, excuses. . )

I'm still wondering how the heck a light bulb fell back there without breaking, but my guess is that the fall was cushioned by the 8 inch layer of lint, dust and dog hair that had accumulated (and which I swept up prior to the photo. I do have a basic level of pride, after all).

This morning, my phone started ringing at 8:10. "Hi, this is Paul from the Fix-It Shop. Your dryer is ready, and I know I said I'd drop it off this afternoon, but how about I bring it by right now?"


I'm thrilled to say that the dryer is back, quieter than ever, and working away at the 7 pile back-up taking over my front hallway. Can you hear that choir of angels sing?


Beau said...

My dryer - and washer for that matter are sounding a big "loud" these days...I'm just I call for repairs of that first or the mini-van that smells like engine and sounds like "chugchugchug"...hmmmm it's a difficult decision. Meanwhile - Bella started Kindergarten today. And lost her first tooth. At her dads. I'm a wreck. Dumb dumb me.

Love ya,

small town girl said...

I will not often publically discuss the end of my marriage, but I will tell you that one of the nails that went into the coffin was when we moved to Georgia and had sold our washer and dryer with the house in Calif. We lived in a rented duplex (with washer/dryer hookup) for 6 months before we bought a new house, and the mister denied me a new washer/dryer for that entire period....which made no sense, as we were going to have to buy one for the new house anyway, and had the money in the bank. So there I was driving 8 miles into town to the laundro-mat twice a week with my 2 year old and my 6 year old...what a nightmare!

I feel your elation!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm happy for the dryer's return, I have to say that there is something neat about seeing a clothesline packed with items and a familiarity with the air-dried items that is comforting. That being said, I'm sure the dryer gives us softer clothes and saves you enough time each day to justify its usage.

I'm sure worse has been found behind and under other dryers so feel good if lint is the main item lurking in the hidden areas...

Kelli said...

Hey Sarah, Kelli here. I don't know if you remember me telling you about my friend from Turkey. He is now serving on a peace keeping mission for the UN in Port au Prince. He said he would love to meet you when you go down. Let me know if you are interested and I will get his info to you. Good luck!
PS I saw the pictures of your boys on the web site! So sweet!

Jen said...

Oh Sarah! If I had only taken a picture of what was under my dryer when we had the new one brought in! I swear their was enough lint to spin into yarn, a beanie baby with no eyes, and some kind of melted granola does that sound? blech....