Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Joy of Little Boys

Truth be told, I am always a bit surprised and saddened when people express disdain over the number of children we will have once our two little boys come home. "Five?!? Are you crazy/insane/nuts/etc.?"

I really shouldn't be shocked because we heard negative reactions when we were going to have just three. "Holy Crap! Why?!?" was a response I received from someone after I announced my pregnancy with our third child, Paloma.

As irksome as those comments may be, I am always left feeling quite troubled when these naysayers take it one step further. "Two more boys?!?" as if they don't quite understand. "Three little boys in one house? You are in for it!"

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that I am in for something, just not the "it" that they have in mind. I doubt I would receive the same reaction if I were adopting two pigtailed little girls. Call me crazy/nuts/in for it all you want, but I LOVE every bit of the happy, energetic, crazy, chaotic, laughter-filled JOY that little boys bring to their Mama's hearts in their own, special way.

Please don't mistake me. . . I love having my two daughters. They are incredible gifts, and I am so blessed to have two beautiful, smart and loving little girls of my own. It seems that everyone just naturally understands how wonderful it is to have daughters, but I just cannot figure out why boys are so misunderstood.

Take my little Atticus, for example. Atticus is a sensitive boy. He loves his swords and Legos, karate and big wheels, frogs and iguanas, but he also loves his violin class and art lessons, his hip hop dance class and his weekly Scripture memory verse. Someone recently asked me if I was "bothered" that he would rather take dance than football, as if there was something wrong with that. Heck no! Atticus is adored at his dance school. Last week, he went to his class wearing his camo newsboy cap backwards. He was so stinkin' cute that it hurt for me to look at him. Every mom and teacher in that place was absolutely ga-ga upon his arrival, and he received far more fawning over him than any pink tutu-clad girl in the joint.

How is that inferior to football? I don't look at his telling me that Dumbo makes him cry as a sign that I need to toughen him up. Or the fact that he'll stay by a friend who has had his feelings hurt until his friend perks up, instead of running off and playing, leaving his friend alone to cry. I see these sensitive childhood qualities as the precursor to a very compassionate adult male.

And honestly, what lady doesn't want a good-looking, compassionate man who can throw down some "fresh moves" on the dance floor?

So in honor of my son here at home, and my two little boys I'm so impatiently waiting on to come home, I'm listing the Joys of Little Boys. Here goes:

1) A little boy's first love is always his Mama. They love us so much that they want to marry us when they grow up (and when Daddy explains why they can't marry Mama, then they'll usually jump at the chance to marry their pretty Auntie.)

2) We Mama's are always gorgeous to them. Once, after I had just gussied myself all up for Date Night with the Mister, Atticus saw me and fell to the floor. Putting his hand over his heart, he lifted just his head off the floor and said, "You are so beautiful, you killed me!" and then pretended to die. I. Love. My. Boy.

2) The bravery of a little boy will make up for any lack that a Mama might have. Dead mouse in the dog food bin? They'll take care of it. A tree frog on the patio table? It's his new best friend. A big booming storm while Daddy's away on business? He'll sleep in your bed so that you "won't be scared."

3) Little boys throw themselves headfirst into anything and everything that interests them. Take a peak at Atticus' bedroom door:

He loves brains so much that he had our pediatrician get out a book and photocopy these diagrams for him.

4) They are funny in such an effortless way and can make you laugh even when you don't want to.

5) They rarely are bored and can turn anything into a toy or game.

6) They can ask about 5 questions a minute, 80% of which you will not have a clue how to answer, which in turn makes you feel youthful when you realize how little you actually know.

7) They can identify every subspecies of dinosaurs, frogs, toads and lizards by the time they are 5.

8) They build you your dream mansion out of Legos.

9) They can speak in Yoda-ease for hours at a time. Hand them a telemarketer while they do so, and I guarantee you will confuse that telemarketer so badly that they'll put you on their "Do Not Call" list without you're having to ask.

10) They're the first who want to cuddle with you in the morning and they'll want to sit on your lap for story time until they are too big to do so.

Certainly, days with little boys can be tough, but the joys far outnumber them. I could go on and on, but I'd love to hear how your sons melt your heart!


Anonymous said...

I agree in every way. If I had been brave enough to take gymnastics, think about how buff I'd be (or that I could've starred in Gymkata, that great 80's action flick combining martial arts and gymnastics). I am proud of our son's sensitivity and look forward to having three rascals who will find ways to test our patience and amaze us with their accomplishments.

If I could add #11, I look forward to the fact that boys never get tired of fart jokes,potty humor, and video games. Whoopee cushions and Rock Band will reign supreme!!

-Mr. (Testosterone)

Anonymous said...

What a precious post and SO true. Every last one.... little boys ROCK.

Me said...

I love this post. Your three boys are so handsome and I can't wait until they're all under one roof lovin' their mama.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah! That was awesome. #5 is a definate for my son. He can make carpet fibers talk to each other during time-out! oh and # 7. I fear for his teacher's imagination. Every letter, piece of paper, toy is an animal of some sort. To get him to spell his name has been a challenge for her: She's having to use animals to get him to practice writing his name! LOL!

You have no idea how much this has re-focused/re-centered me today! Boys!

small town girl said...

I LOVE boys too. Of course I always wanted a daughter and feel extremely grateful that I will have the opportunity to raise 2 But...I almost did not come to that decision...there were so many little boys available I really struggled with that, thinking about the times we had when my boys were little. BTW I love Atticus' facination with brains. Sometimes when I want a laugh I think about his bedroom door. You have such a profound and loving way of describing him. I accidently destroyed a big spider web in my flower bed the other day, and who did I think of? Little spidey boy, of course!!!

Anyway, my "little boy" just got his learner's permit and will be driving on his own soon. How's that for scarey???

bbbunch said...

Sarah...what a beautiful post! I completely agree with you. There is a bond between a mother/son that is unlike any other. I feel so blessed to have my son and my 2 daughters and could care LESS what our next child(ren) would be. I too love the happy chaos of lots and lots of children running and playing. I love the idea that we are shaping, molding, teaching and guiding someone's husband/father. There are good men out there, and we are raising them :)

Jen said...

Little boys rock! I was so shocked when I enetered the world of adoption and read that somewhere around 80% of adoptive parents choose little girls! I cannot imagine a bigger gift that being the one to help form my little boys into kind, gentle, compassionate men.

RUN FOR FUN OVER 40 said...

Well i am not raising a boy, but most certainly tomboy(s)...does that count too???


This Mama said...

"And honestly, what lady doesn't want a good-looking, compassionate man who can throw down some "fresh moves" on the dance floor?"