Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Irritate the Snot out of Your Siblings, by Pona

Lesson 1:

Take all the usable Play Dough in the house and mash it into a ball. Leave no hope of separating it back into the original colors.

More lessons to follow.

Wait. Paloma would like to add this disclaimer:

More lessons to follow UNTIL I am offered a large sum of money for the exclusive rights to my upcoming book, How to Irritate the Snot Out of Your Siblings, by Pona.


Sawatzky Kids said...

I think Wyatt has read an advanced copy of this book by Pona Cooz! ;0

Jen said...

Paloma and Sam are a match!! Sam has cornered the market on annoying his siblings. A few of his more advanced tactics include hiding his sisters phone, using same sisters eye make up as a crayon, taking bites out of their food,and his all time fave; walking around pantless when they have friends over.

Anonymous said...

For lesson one, you forgot to add "Scream in a primal angry manner when anyone tries to touch the playdough mass."

-Mr. C