Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crack that whip, baby!

Okay, I promise that this is not going to be that kind of post either.

But seriously, how cute is this Chamorro daggan? I don't know what gets me hotter in this picture--the Mister's bottom, or the fence that is being built so I no longer have to shampoo the mud out of my family room carpet on a daily basis.

Okay, total side note here, but my blog, so I'm allowed to digress. The Mister is Chamorro (duh, Sarah) and I'm Polish. We are so constantly amazed at how insanely similar the Chamorro and Polish cultures are that someday we are going to do ground breaking research to prove that the island of Guam was actually settled by Polish immigrants, or vice versa. Certainly, with that proclamation you can see why I'm a natural at homeschooling (if you are not rolling your eyes at that one, you need to stop taking my blog so seriously).

Anyway, who would have thought that the two cultures are so similar? Even the word for 'buttocks' are similar. . daggan, dupa. Well, not that similar, but they both start with a "d" and have 2 syllables. Daggan's are a Chamorro man's favorite part of the female body, and we Polish gals, well, let's say we are 'well-endowed' in the dupa department (isn't that a much nicer way of saying, I have a huge Polish butt?).

But the similarities don't stop there, oh no. Chamorros and Polish both hold long grudges, love food, and never take "no" from a houseguest when offering food. Anyone who has been to my house can contest this one. We will offer you food and drink and won't take "no" for an answer.

Mr. C. is far worse than me, though. Here are a few recent food-offering infractions:

*He nearly forced our poor pastors to eat cheesecake one evening, after we already stuffed them with dozens of cookies.

*He has offered to make my friends (who biked over with their kids, no less) 7-Sevens or White Russians at 3:30 in the afternoon, on a Tuesday.

*He has even been known to force "warm, soft pretzels" on our dinner guests within moments after we gorged on huge Italian dinners.

Of course, I'm not picking on him here. I am his little Polish Enabler. I help him be the best food pusher he can be.

But I digress. Big time. Back on topic.

As a follow up to my post about making the most of every inch, I thought I'd post some progress photos, since I haven't posted many pics lately. I've been cracking the whip!

Here are the kids working on the fence.

And here they are preparing the front patio for re-cementing.

They even did that during a homeschool day. Shocked? Ready to call child services on me? I may go to jail, but at least I'll be able to walk over my completed front patio on the way out the door, ha ha ha!

This past weekend I also went through Hatfield, Paloma and my closets. Yikes! Honestly, one of the things that scare me most about having 5 children is the huge clothing glut that this could create in our homes. Here is a photo of all the hangers which are no useless, as I purged our home of the clothing that once rested upon them.

2 huge bags for Melanie, 2 huge boxes for consignment, and 3 bags off to Manna. Whew!


Melanie said...

I will certainly endure 'warm soft pretzels' if it comes with bags of hand-me downs!!!

I have some more stuff for you too ;-)

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW! Great progress reprot Sarah! Looks like things are coming along ship shape at the Cruz's! ;) Doesn't it feel good to get rid of unused stuff!

Anonymous said...

My lumps, my lumps, my lovely manly lumps! (Check it out!)

Great pictures of the kids. Child labor rocks! (Just kidding, but I love their interest in helping out!)


small town girl said...

My dupa says I must be Polish.