Friday, September 26, 2008

Can't blog much this morning. . .

I can't blog much this morning because my brain is tired from my back hurting (huh?). Yesterday I had to brilliant idea to move ALL the furniture in my family room around in EVERY CONCEIVABLE furniture arrangement "just to see." Of course, 80% of the room looks exactly like it did prior to my brilliant idea, the other 20% being a relocation of the room's smallest and lightest furniture.

We are preparing to head "up nort'" this weekend, as we must close up our "cottage" for the season. I have a list of fun fall craft projects to fill our hours, as the lake is far too cold for swimming. Being away from all phones and computers for a few days is also a good thing, as the adoption front news we received was not good. Fortunately, we are in the hands of a very dear, very competent agency, and hopefully by the time we return, we will have several, "If not, then this" plans of action in place.

Also to look forward to upon our return is that my gorgeous friend Becky is coming over for a Sunday dinner with her gorgeous family. I am SO excited! I have oodles of paint samples to peruse through, and I am in need of her expert opinion. I was just at her house last night, and I literally salivated on her floor while fawning over her new photograph arrangements on her great room walls. If I were a man, I would so want to marry Becky. If God were to strike both our husbands down at dinner on Sunday night (God forbid), then I would take the life insurance money and buy a big house where she and I could live with our oodles of kids and we would have the best darn wall photo collages the world has ever seen. (Please don't worry,fellas, I'm not planning on and/or hoping for your demises; I just want to reassure you both that if something were to happen, we ladies would carry on. :)

So in lieu of blogging (ha ha), I'm just going to post some Friday Fotos, since I've been lacking in the photo department lately.

My kindergartener Atticus has been working hard on learning how to build and name numbers.

And little sister is always there to offer moral support when the going gets rough.

Paloma loves to put all of her school "work" on the fridge.

We had great fun watching my niece Aristana while her Mama was working the McCain convention (we forgave her). The big kids loved trying to make her laugh!

I got to fulfill one of my greatest joys in having my double stroller stacked with little ones (I so missed the boat on that one by having my kids so far apart).

After 2 hours of listening to Mommy fawn over Aristana's supercute Boo pigtails, Paloma asked for some of her own (which makes it the second time she ever let me fix her hair, whoohoo!).

Enjoy these wonderful Autumn days!

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Sawatzky Kids said...

So nice to see their little faces!
Have a great time at the cottage!
Shelly and crew