Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Darn Quote I've Heard in a Long Time!

Dave Ramsey, quoting Larry Burkett's tokened saying:

"If you did it wrong the first time, go back and do it the way your wife told you to."

If that is not sheer brilliance, I don't know what is. And since I'm a kind and loving wife, I went right ahead and shared that brilliance with the Mister.

His brow furrowed. "In what context?" he asked. As if I were some political pundit who was trying to twist a statement out of context to promote my agenda.

"What do you mean in what context? This is globally solid advice! It's true in EVERY context!"


(Many thanks to Cindy for posting such brilliance.)


Anonymous said...

What if the first way I did it was the way my wife told me?

-The Mr.

Sarah & Crew said...
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Sarah & Crew said...

Dear The Mr.,

Your comment assumes 2 things:

1) You actually LISTENED to what I told you the first time, and if so, then:

2) You actually REMEMBERED what I told you after I said it.

We both know those 2 conditions have NEVER been met.

Love you!
The Mrs.

Beau said...

Don't feel bad neighbor is a nurse and she blames everything of this sort on the "Y" chromosome. You have to believe her...she is a medical professional. Plus she has 3 males in her household :)


Anonymous said...

You two need to stop your snarky foreplay and get yourselves a room! ;)