Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Autumn Frame of Mind

I need not look at a calendar to know that we are moving into autumn. A simple look at my "Books Checked Out" list from our local library tells me so. I've gone from books such as this:

to books of this genre:

After 3 straight weekends on my feet canning tomatoes, salsa and peppers, I was quite content to cook and bake up a storm today for my grandparents. Grandpa and Grandma live in the Great North Woods, and my folks are visiting tomorrow. Jimmy and I intend to stock their freezer full of individual-portioned meals. Grandma recently suffered a nasty bout of food poisoning, likely due to unknowingly eating food past its prime, as sight, smell and taste all diminish with aging. Mom and I are determined to not let it happen again. Hopefully, individual-sized servings will reduce the likelihood of food spoiling and then being eaten.

Hamburger Vegetable Soup and Chocolate Cherry Cake are Granpda's all-time favorites, so I have a huge pot of the soup simmering on the stove, and I just took the cake out of the oven. Later this evening I'll put together an eggplant lasagna and bake some lemon cheesecake muffins.

The kids are in from a busy afternoon of play, and all are heartily digging into the soup. I am as well, but from a smaller pot of soup sans hamburger. The days warm up with the sun, but the evenings cool decidely faster, and mornings are brisk for my early hours run.

I'm not complaining. I love the start of a new season, and Autumn is one of my favorite. An excerpt from

sweetly described the author's tradition to begin knitting mittens with the arrival of Autumn, and I do think I may try to follow suit.

I'm bound and determined to go into this season in a positive frame of mind, not with lamentations over a passing of a season that did not bring our little boys, but rather with the optimism that this could be the season that brings our little boys home. We are waiting on an update of our birth parent interview situation, but realize that we are in for a wait. We certainly covet any prayers and/or good thoughts you could kindly send our way.

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Autumn,
Sarah and the Frozen Chamorros


Anonymous said...

Time to sing your praises:
1. You make awesome soups- tonight's dinner is a great example!!
2. Its great that you are helping your folks with assisting the grandparents- its the right thing to do (family is everything) and its a great lesson to the kids, who I'm counting on to help us out (just kidding, but it would be appreciated).
3. I'm around to sample the lemon cheescake muffins. If they are anything like your other desserts, I'm one lucky dude.
4. Wonderful attitude on the changing of seasons- I think its great that our children see a strong mother dealing with situations like this with class and optimism.

Always an ardent admirer,

Beau said...

As always, are a bright spot of my morning (while drinking my coffee with French Vanilla creamer! :) The meal idea is lovely. I have done that for Beau's grandma for 2 years now for Christmas and she LOVES it! Hamburger Vegetable also...funny! It's such a meal in itself. She just doesn't eat right otherwise. By the way...I have wanna-be Vegetarianism (is that a word?) lately. Going to trick my hubby as least SOME of the time!

Praying those boys home!
Love ya,

Sawatzky Kids said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Autumn to you too! ;) Shawn and I have been doing the South Beach lifestyle for going on two weeks now and WOW have we had some amazing soups! (Also I am down 11pounds!!!) Nothing beats a warm steaming bowl of soupy goodness on a cool day!