Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Victory and Defeat

Today I tackled the game cupboard. I went through ALL the games and checked pieces. I did a HUGE victory dance when I found EVERY SINGLE PIECE of this game:

We've had this game for 3 years. One of my favorites since childhood, I violently jerk and my heart skips a beat every time when the timer is up and the machine spits the pieces into the air.

Did I mention that we have ALL the pieces? After 3 years? And a cross-state move?

I would say that was a very, very, very well-deserved victory dance.

BUT, for every great victory, there is a great defeat.

This is Paloma's chin:

See that Band-Aid? It's a CVS generic. It's been there for 2 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS, after she fell in the garage and scraped up her chin. The child will not let me anywhere near the band aid. I tried once in her sleep and her Spidey Band Aid sense woke her up and she started Exorcist-style screaming at me. I even think her head spun around, but it was really dark so I'm not 100% sure.

Paloma will only allow Grandma Sandy, my mom's BFF, to remove the Band Aid. My mom is a little put out because only Grandma Sandy is given this privilege. Jimmy was given the Exorcist-style scream when she attempted it.

So my daughter is traipsing all about town with this gross, dirty half-dangling Band Aid on her face. The owie is long healed. She's had about 12 baths, gone swimming 8 times and that darn thing is still hanging there.

I wonder how much CVS would pay to use Paloma as their "Our Band Aids REALLY stick" poster child.


Sawatzky Kids said...

You are truely a good mom I would have just ripped that sucker right off!!! LMAO!!! Oh man this post is killing me right now! lol

Anonymous said...

I can verify the exorcism of Emily Rose firsthand. I tried to remove the bandaid and got an earful of screams which incorporated the words "no", "ouch", and "stay away".

I may try to remove it when she's asleep.... on second thought, there's too much on the downside. What if I wake her and her mother up? The horror! The humanity!


Anonymous said...

You know, there's nothing good on TV Thursday night either. RRRRR!