Friday, August 15, 2008

The P Word, as in Happy 3rd Birthday Pona!!

Today is Baby Girl's 3rd Birthday!!! At the risk of sounding so cliche, it really DOES seem like she was born just yesterday. Never have 3 years gone by as quickly as the past 3 have.

Last night we celebrated at our favorite restaurant with Jimmy and Boppa.

Hatfield and her friend Elizabeth worked very hard on creating magnificent party hats.

Jimmy demonstrated the proper procedure for a true Princess Wave.

The girls all enjoyed donning these pretty party favors.

The guys were game, but found they felt most masculine with 'the looks.'

WalMart worked really hard on the caterpillar cupcake cake since Mommy was tired and not feeling the hottest.

Juan fed his favorite Chamorrita some delicious fried ice cream.

Then in true 5 Frozen Chamorro Style, we celebrated the morning with our traditional Birthday Cake and Ice Cream Breakfast. Daddy saved the day by bringing the cake, although Hatfield was quick to point out his fatal error.

Methinks that if he were the one who had given birth to that 9+pound bowling ball, that error never would have occurred.

Even after being woken up at 6 am by Paloma singing "Happy Birthday to Pona!" Atticus was still a-smilin'.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Wonderful party pictures!

A Blessed Life said...

I am behind on reading my fav blogs. Happy B'day Pona Cooz. And a big YAHOO!!!!! on getting passports!

Beau said...

Happy happy 3 "P" day!!! Happy birthday to the "big girl" Miss Paloma, we are very proud of you indeed! And yay! Passports!! YAY! I hope you are feeling better! See you soon!


Melanie said...

Happy B-day --- you look so P-retty!