Monday, August 18, 2008

Mistreated Points of View (It Ain't a Bad Thing!!!)

(I'm reposting this from last week, since the Nester is having a Mistreatment Par-tay!)

Treatments, just not done "perfectly."

Love this idea from The Nester.

When I discovered her blog, I ate it up. Read the whole thing. Love, love, love her ideas on decorating and window mistreatments.

Inspired, I put this together for my master bathroom. The one that sat, untouched (in the decorating sense), from the day we moved in because I had no idea what to do with it.

The floor tile is light blue. My first thought was ewwww. The Mister's first thought on replacing it was ewwww. So we were at a bit of a standstill.

Until I realized that I LOVE the whole blue and brown colorscape. So I decided to start on the bathroom, mistreatment first. I decided on a blue/choco-cream toile that I found at Wal Mart in the clearance bin for a whopping $4.40. The fringe came in at $5.80 at Jo-Ann's with my coupon. I dug the upholstery tacks out of the deep dark recesses of my sewing basket.

To give the rather small window, boxed into a small window with a small ledge more height, I tacked it up to the very tippy top of the space.

See? I even left the ugly old do-hickey that the last owners cranked into the wall so hard I couldn't remove it without taking out significant plaster. So what if it's ugly? You can't see it. The Nester would be so proud!

Then, while I was working on the bathroom, a thought then occurred to me.

Child, I was doing mistreatments long before mistreatments would earn me this supercool blinkie!

Here is the mistreatment in Hatfield's bedroom.

The ribbon is just tacked and glued on for the last 2 feet on the left.

I had run out of steam, and just put it up on the window just to get it up.

And then I left it there.

Technically 'unfinished.'

But yet visually functional.

A mistreatment.

My secret shame burned within me, and I never posted it on my blog.

Because no one ever told me that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Well, my
Pseudo Momma Marla has been whispering things like that in my ear for the past SIX years. But like an obstinate teen, I refused to let it sink in.

No more! I'm ready to move onto my next bigger, bolder mistreatment project: the family room sliding glass doors (note: here there should be that mystery theatre sound: duhn duhn duhn duuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnnn!).


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I just found your site through the Nester....can't wait to browse your archives. I am a Fellow home school mom as well and it's been so fun finding other home schoolers. Love your glad you came out of the closet.:)

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Very tres chic!

Shellie said...

I love your toile! I've got a beautiful black and cream toile sitting on my bedroom floor just waiting for a mistreatment. Great job. Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

The Shoup Family said...

AWE-some.... I am loving this chica!! And the fringe... oh it just screams chic-y!! I am off to Wal-Mart... the ONLY store which an hour of me... to get me some fabric and fringe!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

SE Kansas

The Shoup Family said...

PS I noticed in your profile you homeschool also... I swear I hadn't realized how many homeschoolers are out there... nice to meet another!!

SE Kansas

Yet Another Heather said...

Well done! Your secret mistreating past was actually the way to go all along!

The Nester said...

now that looks fantastic! great job--you came out of the womb mistreating!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

You know, it wasn't until looking at all these mistreatments today that I realized I've been mistreating for a long's just that now I have a fancy name for them!

~ Sarah

His Doorkeeper said...

Well, I just love your toile material you did in your bedroom!

Looks great and you did a great job on all your "mistreatments"!!

Bella's momma said...

What a great job!!! It is very inspiring

joelandbecca said...

I am in love with that toile! So amazing! Great job!

Bonita said...

Toile and polka dots! Truly you are a woman after my own heart! Lovely!

Christina said...

lovely mistreatments!

Nicole said...

I love you mistreatments. I love the pleates and folds in the top one nad the fabric you used is so pretty. My cousin and her hubby adopted a little boy from Haiti a couple years ago, he is the cutest little boy. Good luck with your adoption, I know it's a long process!

Victoria said...

Absolutely love your blue toile fabric! I planned on doing brown/blue and somehow ended up with black/blue. The brown/blue combo is so tranquil though and will always be a favorite of mine.

Love the name of your blog too!

Ame... said...

Great job on the mistreatments...some of the best I have seen!

Kelly said...

I'm loving the brown and pink dots! Such a great color combo.

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Wow, your mistreatments are gorgeous! I love that blue/brown fabric.

Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my mistreatment post.

Have a great day!