Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home Improvement

Taking pre-placement "nesting" to the next level of psychosis.

Rooms to Paint: 3
Furniture to Refinish: 7
Floors to Install: 2
Sinks to Replace: 2
Rooms to Gut and Reorganize: 2
Flowers/Plants to Place: Innumerable
Cabinets to Refinish: 2
Fences to Install: 2
Houses to Paint: 1
Organs to Sell: 1*

*I don't mean human organs, although looking over everything I will probably need to sell one in order to finance this list. I mean I have an actual musical organ to sell, a Baldwin Overture, to be exact. Mint condition, I just feel like I'm living in a funeral parlor while on acid every time the kids plunk around on it.

Any takers????


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Wife,
The list is incomplete. Please add:

1 Husband to work to death

And, uh, for the record, I would have gotten the list done but we've been really busy. Yeah, that's it, we've been really busy!!

-Your doting husband

Sawatzky Kids said...

funny stuff! It sounds like you could some good old Canadian fresh air! lol To take your mind off that list! Although then that means my list has to be finished before you come! lol

Me said...

I have a list almost identical to this one minus the organ. Glad to know I'm not the only psychotic nester.