Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Good Day

Now, before I blog about my darn good day and risk you all rolling your eyes at my isn't-life-perfect-and-glowing ramblings, I would like to preface it by stating that last week was a week from H-E-DoubleHockeySticks (so I was owed one!)

Even the things that I thought were good, actually weren't all that good. Like being informed that our birth parent interview was scheduled on a "bad day" and likely wouldn't happen--that was a great moment.

And the bad things were just bad. Like the Mister forgetting to water all my flowers while we were gone during this dryspell (or was it me who forgot to tell him to water the flowers? Oops!)

And the fact that I *somehow* lost track of a $650 check in my "fool proof" online checking. This alone kills me as I typically keep track of our spending in a somewhat obsessive manner. Lately I feel like I jump from thing to thing, with never a moment to let things really sink in so that I remember them. Like $650. Ouch.

And my clothes dryer now makes a horrendous sound, as if someone dropped a handful of spare change, loose bolts and thumbtacks in the back by the motor. I dare not use it, for fear of an explosion and/or implosion and/or spontaneous combustion. Line drying the billion loads of laundry we do each week is a bear.

Or that Paloma's constant tantrums, averaging an eardrum-piercing 30 minutes a pop, had my ever-so-patient nerves so rattled by Wednesday that I spent the rest of the week freaking out that: 1) something was truly wrong with this child; 2) something was truly wrong with me; and 3) the absolute scariest-- I would never be able to handle both her tantrums and the typical post-adoption raging common to newly adopted children (x 2, since we're adopting two little guys), thus condemning all 7 of us to a life of misery and defeat.

So, after all of that, I am so pleased, relieved and grateful that I had a day like today.

We woke up to a *brisk* morning (I'd say the "c" word (c-old), but it's August and I can't bring myself to it), so Cliff built a fire in our firepit. The kids got to sit around a fire, eating scrambled eggs and bacon, saying that this was the coolest breakfast they ever had.

While the Mister and I packed up the vans, the kids delighted in finding adorable teeny tiny tree frogs everywhere. I'm not an amphibians sorta gal, but these fellas were Cute with a capital "C". Atticus, enamored with the first one he found, bestowed him with name "Kelly" after the lake, and is planning on all the fun he and Kelly will have when we get to the Lake next weekend.

The kids spotted an insect skin stuck, in perfect form, to a tree, shed by some creepy crawly (judging from the shape) creature. I didn't have my camera, so the kids took the time to draw it, so that we could look up the bug.

We returned home to a BOUNTY of garden fare. The first few red tomatoes, along with the great promise of those beginning to blush; huge red beets, all ready for juicing; a plethora of sweet peas; yellow Hungarian wax peppers, green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers; bread-n-butter corn; the last of the green and yellow wax beans and sweet raspberries, and the first of the carrots.

The kids picked, plucked, dug, and sampled their way through the two garden beds. I watched, instructed, photographed, all the while thinking, it doesn't get better than this.

But aha! It did, as we returned indoors to start supper when lo and behold, Paloma announced, "I have to potty, Mama. Where's the big potty?"

And she did.

We made it through bath, book and bed time tantrum free.

Rough days can certainly add up, resulting in feelings of defeat which loom large. Thank God for days like today, which can erase those trying moments, refill our patience tank, and create memories which further cement our family bonds.


Anonymous said...

Another thing that made it perfect was you. The kids love their mother. I love my wife. Wanda loves her master.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Thanks for sharing yours with us! :)
miss ya lady!