Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

Since I've been in a deep slump ever since the news of the passport fiasco, I've decided that for today, even if I still feel like I'm ready to pull my hair and toenails out, I'm going to be chipper (just please don't test me on that).

So, in honor of my newfound, totally faked chipperness, I'm going to post a few a few things which make me smile.

Each morning I drink coffee. And each morning I will only drink it out of one of my two favorite mugs. This cheerful yellow Fiesta Ware mug is my favorite. If I'm feeling a bit sassy or spanky, then I drink from my persimmon Fiesta Ware mug. I don't have my own photo of that mug, since it's in my minivan.

I refuse to drink from travel coffee mugs. I abhor drinking from plastic or stainless steel. So I just take my ceramic Fiesta mugs with me. I've rarely spilled. The Mister calls me his Ninja Coffee Cup Warrior. Kinky, I know.

My newest favorite thing is my Pantry. The pantry used to be a Place of Dread. Well, Jimmy spent yesterday morning whipping it into shape, and now I have the best pantry on the block.

Look! She took all of the Mister's Wizard Mixes and put them in a bin. Easy out, easy in, that's his new motto. Perhaps he might consider this location to be a demotion from their usual residence on my fridge's penthouse (aka, the top of the refrigerator), but I think these new digs are pretty swanky. And notice their new neighbor--my cookbooks neatly housed in a rubbermaid container.

My mother's genius put all the Tupperware in a laundry basket on the floor of the pantry, along with the rolling pins. Why? Because kids LOVE to play with Tupperware and rolling pins, and happy kids playing quietly on the floor means a Momma cooking peacefully in her kitchen! Why didn't I think of that?!? Obviously, she didn't pass her brilliant Martha-Stewart-eat-your-heart-out genes onto me.

Yes, I have the best mother ev-ah.

No, I don't loan her out.

So after I pour my coffee into my cheery mug and smile at my pantry, I amble into the family room where I find this. My new armoire. This was my June project.

This armoire was in bad shape. For a long time it resided in my folks' garage after coming home from an antique store. I had a big, bad case of Armoire Envy. After some well-timed, ever-so-subtle hints (and the realization that they had no place for it), they gifted me the armoire.

It went from their garage to the garage in my first house.

To the garage in my second house.

To the garage in my third house.

Finally, I could no longer stand my family room. I had to do something. I think I blogged about my Family Room Frustration a while back.

Then the Nester inspired me. I love her. I want to be her. I became so inspired after reading about all the cool stuff she did, I decided that I was going to improve my family room. But not only was I going to improve it. I was only going to use Stuff. That. I. Already. Own.

Oooo, that's a tough one. I get rid of a lot. Then I was in the garage, tying on Paloma's shoes, and my eyes settled on my old, neglected armoire.

And I heard a choir of angels sing as a ray of sunshine focused on only its unearthed beauty.

One trip to Home Depot later for this, I was in the garage creating my masterpiece, which I then promptly moved into the family room.

I keep some legos, trains, cars, and markers in the galvanized buckets. I used some old glass canisters to house markers, feathers & pipe cleaners to give it a color boost. And I framed some cards the kids made for me on top. I LOVE it.

So there you have it. Simple things that bring me a bit of happy each and every day. So in the spirit of my happy chipperness (and no, I'm not being facetious, I mean this in a very genuine and loving way), I wish you a very happy day.


Anonymous said...

First, it is incredible that you whip around the streets of Green Bay in a minivan with a gaggle of kids, weaving in and out of traffic, and somehow manage to drink coffee from an open container without spilling it. Amazing, even for a ninja.
Second, the pantry looks great. Your mom is awesome. Looks like we have a lot of jello. Methinks I can free up the valuable space those packets take up.
Third, the armoire is incredible. I'm proud of you and your skills. Of course, I was just about to get around to that for my late July project......
Love, Cliff

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW!!! I think I wil have to do a post soon on things that make me smile! Way to be creative with the armoir(spelling? lol) too!! I love the way you have it decorated! Keep your chin and keep smiling this whol passport fiasco wil be over before you know it!!!!
Shelly and gang

Melanie said...

You make me smile!

I enjoy reading your blog every day at my 9:30 break...while drinking my coffee from a stainless steel travel mug...of which I've already spilled while sitting still at my desk!

And now, I feel compelled to go home and paint the four items that have been screaming 'paint me black' for the last, well, few years!

Love ya,

Sawatzky Kids said...

keep your chin......up I meant to say keep your chin up!!! LMAO!! I really do need to re-read these things before I put them up!! oh man!!!

Jen said...

Go Ninja Mama!!! Nice work!

Debbie said...

I love the armoire! You have totally inspired me now to finish my projects. What's the Nester? If this got you going....I gotta find out what this is!!!

I also love the idea of putting all my tupperware in a laundry basket at the bottom of my pantry. I tell ya-- Jimmy and your mom should start a business!!

Also, we're still praying those little boys home... all in God's time!! He is in control and we keep our eye on Him.

Love ya!
Deb Pagel

This Mama said...

Nice work on the armoire!!

I might have to practice my open coffee cup drinking skills because I hate drinking out of SS as well. I am impressed.

Take care

Anonymous said...

You don't have to publish this comment. Just want to say I love you and that I am one lucky guy to have such a wonderful woman to share my life with.

Your Ardent Admirer,