Thursday, July 24, 2008

Passport Update

I'm sneaking downstairs to post a quick Passport Update.

At this time we still do NOT have two correct passports. It's my understanding that one is fine; the other is not. Out of my MOI group, thus far the count is 3 incorrect passports. I know a woman whose passport came out over a MONTH ago with an error and she still does NOT have a corrected one, so I'm not feeling too optimistic. My guess is someone who didn't pass 2nd grade spelling is having a ball typing away at those passports in the Immigration office.

Sooooooo, the chain goes like this.

Passports - medical exam - birth parent interview - review of papers Visa.

And let's see where we stand. . .

Passports. . .nope! Sucks to be us.

We are waiting for word to even schedule the birth parent interviews.. . .so another stall there.

And on top of it all, UNICEF is in Haiti breathing down everyone's neck, and the U.S. Consulate is mega-paranoid in their Visa reviews.

Some days it feels like these boys are NEVER coming home.


Beau said...

Sarah...I am so sorry that the wait has been so long for your family! We pray and think about you all everyday ;) Miss you!


ManyBlessings said...

(((HUGS))) The wait AFTER MOI is the killer. Praying for you and those boys.