Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our little getaway

Last year, my folks bought a camping trailer that they put down in a nice campground on a beautiful lake, about 45 minutes northwest of here.

This past Saturday was the first time we visited, and our entire family fell in love with the lake and area. Sand-bottomed and warm, the kids swam the entire day and had a blast jumping into the lake from a high-flying tire swing.

Even the Mister gave it a try!

Paloma loved the camping trailer and called it her "little house." She lived to peek through the doors and talk to us sitting around the campfire.

The trailer next to my mom's was for sale. Slightly bigger than theirs, it sleeps 8 and has a deck. A widowed man owned it but has not visited in over a year, his wife tragically passed away a year ago, 2 weeks after her retirement. It was priced to sell, but still, much too far above our adoption-stretched budget.

"Maybe in a few years," we said, shrugging it off.

So fast forward to Monday morning, when my mother calls me. "Remember the trailer for sale next to ours?" she asked excitedly. "Well, for xxxx, it's yours!"

Stunned at what she was saying, I couldn't figure out what was happening. Apparently the gentleman came up to the campground, now ready to retrieve some of his wife's things. My mother asked if he had any interested buyers, and he said no. She commented that her daughter and son-in-law loved it, but they were in the middle of an adoption and the timing wasn't right. He asked about the adoption, and was very moved. "How about I make them an offer they can't refuse?" he asked my mom, quoting a much lowered price.

Long story short: sold.

I am over the moon about this situation. As a large family, we live on a budget. Family vacations to faraway locations will be a rare occurrence in our house. The expense of flying 7 people anyone is prohibitive, plus the fact that we 2 hotel rooms to fit everyone makes it nearly impossible. Even renting a cottage up north for a week ends up being a sizable chunk of change. So to have this little getaway, in the woods, next to a lake, a mere 45 minutes from our door, is such an incredible gift.

After some heavy duty cleaning, we will be heading up over the holiday weekend to spend the first night in our new digs. With no phone or internet, I will gladly welcome the break from adoption events (or the glaring lack of these events). To live in the moment, to enjoy the kids and watch them make memories, will be a very welcomed getaway indeed.


Melanie said...

I am so excited for us...ah, I mean YOU! This is truly a blessing for your family and well deserved!

small town girl said...

I know things must be a little tough right now on the adoption front, but I am in complete awe of the blessings pouring into your life right now!

Still praying for your big news.

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Can we come too!!!

Congratulations... you just described my dream vacation...if there is any more trailer with for sale, let me know..


This Mama said...

oh man, I am so excited for you and your family!! How awesome!! Who needs silly distant vacations you have a little bit of paradise close by. I am from lake country (not too far off from where you live) and I miss swimming/time at the lake.
:) Mandy

Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW!!! What a huge blessing for you guys Sarah! I am so happy for you!!!! :) It will be a wonderful getaway for your family especially with your mom being so close by! WONDERFUL!!!!

Katy said...

What fun, and what a blessing! Praying hard for those boys to come HOME!!

A Blessed Life said...

I am thrilled for you and pea green with envy! It sounds heavenly! My husband says we live in the country - why go camping? I am still working on him. I look forward to reading all about your little vacations!