Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Big Question

When are they coming home?!?!

Oh my, I wish we knew!!!

Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful comments and emails of congratulations--we are so appreciative! It such a comfort to know there are so many people following along and pulling for us :)

Our best guess is sometime in the next 4-8 weeks. Here's what needs to happen (to the best of my rather limited knowledge):

What do we need to do:
- Sign and notarize a new POA
- Fed Ex the POA and other USCIS documents that the Consulate would not take in May but need now to the creche director in Haiti

What goes on in Haiti:
- The creche director will have all a handful of documents translated from French into English, and will gather all of the documents we send her and pull those from the dossier that the U.S. Consulate requires for the Visa issuance (we know this process will take several weeks at best)
- The boys will have a medical physical by a U.S. Consulate-approved doctor
- The birth parents will be brought to the U.S. Consulate to their interview
- A Visa appointment will be made and, to the best of our understanding, the creche director will leave that appointment with the Visas in hand.

After all that?


Once we have the Visa appointment set, and our agency confirms with the Consulate that the Visa will be issued that day, we will be able to set a travel date. The Visa appointments are made in advance, so ideally we'll have some time to prepare and hopefully get less expensive airfare tickets (ha ha ha!)

We'll keep y'all posted!


Anonymous said...

congrats sarah! they will be home before you kow it.
Michelle M

small town girl said...

I am very excited and happy for you, and also watching your process carefully as a tutorial since I'm not so far behind, and wondering what to expect next. (haha---just setting up any expectations is probably not the way to go lol) Heres to a fast trip to the Visa appointment! God Speed!