Monday, June 23, 2008

Probably asking for it, but. . .

This morning I gutted the double closets in our boys' bedroom. Moved Atticus' belongings to one side, and began to prepare the two little guys' side. I dumped out the tub of 3T clothing and began going through it, sorting, hanging, folding. Doing so probably sends a handwritten invite for Hell to break loose in our adoption, delaying it to the point where the boys will no longer fit in 3T clothing by the time they come home.

To even further tempt the devil, my mom, Hattie and I went outlet shopping yesterday. We bought the boys' coming home outfits, and bought all 3 boys matching swimsuits/t-shirts combos. They are so cute I could just cry looking at it all, hanging up in the closet.

Just waiting.

We received the WONDERFUL word that 3 fellow adopting families are OUT of MOI!!! I am just thrilled for them, knowing that they are one HUGE step closer to bringing their rugrats home. I get butterflies in my belly, thinking that we should be getting very close now, as our files all went in around the same time.

I've decided to work on potty training with Paloma starting later this week. She's wicked smart, just strong-willed and wants to control EVERYthing. Well, guess what little girl, the winds are a-changing. For instance, she has not napped in over a week. Last week was a loooonnnnngggg week. By 4 pm she is so ornery she can't stand herself, and by 6:30 pm she is so overtired that she becomes hyper and is impossible to put to bed.

Today I *had* it with this whole ordeal, and I put her upstairs to nap. I had told her we were going upstairs to rest, and she ran out to the backyard, demanding playtime on the Rainbow. We swam all morning long at my mom's, so 'no.' It's naptime. Kicking, screaming at such a high decibel level that my eardrum hurt, I put her to bed.

Four times she came out, "I scared Momma! I scared!"

She's not scared; she's tired and she's stalling. I know when she is honestly scared, and she's no where near it. I hate the fact that she has chosen "I scared" over "I want a drink" or "One more story" or "No nap!" The "scared" thing makes me feel like a heartless monster.

I picked her up and moved her to Hatfield's room. "Okay, I go nigh nigh Momma," she said, tear-stained and absolutely exhausted. Two minutes later she's in dreamland.

Momma: 1
Paloma: 0
Mom's Nerves: -100


Melanie said...

The only thing you are asking for is to get those boys home...sounds like you have a major case of pre-baby nesting....and you know that always means it's close!

Beau said...

Hmmm...I have a 5 year old like that...she has also starting this puppy dog eyes/lip thing I'm not quite sure where she got (okay...I am...from ME okay, but I REALLY didn't intend it to backfire on me!!!) Hang in there sister! Love ya, Beck

Sawatzky Kids said...

What Mel said!

Jen said...

Your day is so close I can feel it!! I say, start sorting...the boys are coming home soon!!!

This Mama said...

Oh, I am excited that there are so many homecomings coming up so soon. It gives you a boost when your waiting.

Finn yells that "I am scared" thing too - I hate it. I feel like such a jerk whenever he does it.