Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Last Day of Being Five

Today was Atticus' last day as a five year old. Sigh.

While I love watching my children grow and learn, 'bittersweet' is the only word capable of describing the experience. My little guy brings so much joy to this mama's heart.

Atticus has the typical six year old boys' obsession with frogs. I find myself knee deep in amphibian literature. If the child is not asking me a question about Star Wars, he's asking me a question about frogs. We have some brightly colored frogs decorating the boys' room. Never did I ever think I would know so much about these little hoppy creatures.

We celebrate birthdays in our house by eating birthday cake for breakfast. We have cake and ice cream, we sing Happy Birthday, we open presents. A birthday is just for one short day, so we like to start it out right by celebrating it from morning to night.

In honor of the big SIX, Hatfield and I stayed up tonight creating this surprise cake creation for our boy.

He has no idea this is what we created, and I can't wait to see his face in the morning. Atticus is always so happy and enthusiastic about everything (especially frogs and Star Wars), and his flattery is the best pick-me-up a Mom could ever ask for.


Me said...

Cute, cute cake!

Happy birthday Atticus!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Happy birthday Atticus! That is a cool cake you got! I sent you a card in the mail! You are my best buddy! Now we are both six
luv Jack

Melanie said...

Love the cake! Great job! Can I hire you guys for my next cake needs...remember the pupcakes??? I loved those guys!

Happy Birthday Atticus Buddy! I want to see a picture of your happy face with your hoppy cake!

Jen said...

That is adorable! Good job, Mom.

small town girl said...

That cake is just awesome. Happy B-day Atticus. You make me smile and you don't even know it!