Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Live with Just 100 Things

If you could only live with 100 things, what items would be on your list?

I just finished reading this article about Dave Bruno's 100 Thing Challenge. If you don't know who Dave Bruno is, don't worry; neither did I. He's a fellow living in San Diego who decided enough is enough when it comes to "stuff," thus creating his 100 Thing Challenge.

Always one for living simply and frugally, I immediately began mentally tallying what things would make my list. Instantly I realized heck, I would be happy if I could get our garage clutter down to 100 things. Do categories of items count (utensils, undergarments, toiletries), or is that cheating?

I certainly do not think the 100 thing challenge is feasible for me, but I'm all for anything that gets one thinking about how one can do without all this junk. I've long been a HUGE fan of Flylady, feeling intense satisfaction with each successful 27 Fling Boogie Mission. The Mister heard on NPR that if every person on Earth lived in the same manner as every American, it would necessitate SIX planets to provide the same resources. Yikes.

Looking around this basement "pit," I see about 4 games with missing pieces that we could easily part with and a half dozen toys we've long outgrown or lost permanent interest. Those things right there would take up 10% of my list if included. I think the fewer things we have, the more we tend to value them and thus take better care of them. I'd bet that if my children had one set of checkers and one game of Candyland as their only boardgames, not a single piece would be astray. While I think the idea of 100 individual items is too lofty a goal for me, the challenge idea certainly has my wheels spinning as to how I can somehow adapt the game for my own life.


Jen said...

I love the feeling of purging my house of it's junk...there is something strangely rewarding about lookinmg at all the bags and boxes on their way to Goodwill or the garbage...

Sawatzky Kids said...

Well done! Once again you have put so nicley things I whole heartly agree with! lol If you don't mind I am going to gove you shout for this post over on our blog! Times like this I REALLY miss you lady! Would love your company over a cup of coffee this morning! :(

This Mama said...

That's a cool challenge, I had never heard of him. I am not sure if we could cut it down to 100, that might be a bit too sparse but I bet it would sure feel good (especially when it came time to cleaning). Every year before birthdays and Christmas we go through the toys. We keep a few special ones and donate the rest. That way I am always donating nicer items, plus we are close enough to Christmas/birthdays that the kids know they will be filling up those spaces in the toy box soon enough.
I am not a big fan of holding on to much stuff, but my husband saves pop bottles he found from a walk on the beach in '87 because they remind him of the blueberry ice cream he had that day. I am not kidding!!
Good luck with the sweep out!!