Wednesday, June 04, 2008

!Biba Kumplianos a Atticus!

I love my family. Truly. And I'm not just writing that because I know my sister reads my blog (I still love you even though you gave my kid two pet frogs, Auntie Stephie. Just remember that if the Mister and I croak, the frogs are coming to live with you along with all FIVE of my kids.) I really have been tremendously blessed by being born into this family.

We know how to get together and party. On a day-to-day basis, we usually host a good blend of knowing each other's business and knowing when to butt out. We aren't co-dependent, yet we aren't strangers either. And we all love a good margarita from a great Mexican restaurant. What more could one ask from a family?

Tonight we took everyone to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Mr. A's 6th birthday. What a time! Hatfield impressed us all tremendously by downing the super XXX hot salsa that Uncle Adam and Daddy had to work to get down.

In between posing with every individual for a picture with himself and the sombrero, Atticus danced around the room and sang, "Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi."

Paloma flirted with her Mexican boyfriend, Juan, who is the nicest guy. He's a waiter there who Paloma took to from the start, 1.5 years ago. He'll carry her all around the restaurant, people ask him if she is his daughter, he brings her extra ice cream. It's adorable, and I always leave an extra babysitting surcharge in the tip.

And when she wasn't busy hanging around Juan, she was charming Uncle Kevin into giving up his U.S. Open hat.

Jimmy was there, matching us younger folks margarita for margarita.

I'm happy to report that Atticus was ecstatic about his frog birthday cake, which, surprisingly, tasted quite delicious at 6:45 a.m. I myself was even able to enjoy it, despite the fact that the frosting was green (ewwww) and the coffee was not done brewing (pick up the pace there next time, Mr. C!)


Sawatzky Kids said...

Wow Atticus! I love your hat!
I hope you loved your party! I want to see you soon!

Melanie said...

Looks like an awesome b-day Atticus!