Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wake Up Call

When we lived in Milwaukee, we owned a small bungalow where the children's bedrooms were on a different floor from ours. I had placed a baby monitor on the hallway floor between their rooms, and stationed the receiver on our nightstand.

Every stinkin' morning at 4:30 am, our cat Ezra would walk over to that monitor and meow very loudly into it. Every. Morning.

In our new home, we're all on the same floor, so no monitors are needed. Ezra is now on a farm, so our 4 am hour has been relatively quiet, with the exception of an occasional super-early morning from Paloma.

Until the past two weeks, when Ernie decided that he wanted to begin sleeping in our bedroom on the floor (typically he would sack out on the couch). The cats now sleep quietly on our bed; Wanda starts her night in Hattie's room and migrates to ours; and Ernie was just feeling lonely, I guess.

And guess what Ernie does around 4:30 am each morning? He wakes up. Yawns VERY noisily. Each yawn incorporates some doggie 'talking' and whining. Stretches. Shakes. Scratches his ear. Yawns some more.

We finally have gotten Paloma to sleep to 7:30, and now Ernie starts up. I'm still trying to figure out just why the good Lord does not want me to ever get a good night's sleep.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

What a great mom you are even to your animals! after that first 4:30wake up call any "Ernie" in our house would have been back downstairs to sleep faster then you can say "Be Quiet" LOL
Hopefuly things have improved!
Shelly and gang