Monday, May 12, 2008


Cliff called on his way to the USCIS office with the news that he had all the info he needed. The forms are now filled out completely. Thank the Lord!

I'll post more later--time to scoot.

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Anonymous said...

First, nice t-shirt. It reminds me of the ufc type shirts in style among mma fans (think warrior wear or affliction clothing).

Update- there's an email to you with details, but we are making progress. Paperwork has been filed but we need more stuff and a lot of help from Marie to keep moving forward.

For anyone considering filing the way we are (here in Haiti vs. in the US), please consider having someone help along the way (go with you) as a translator when you go to Embassy. I didn't have enough creole to speak to the kids and it was desperately needed in talking with some of the staff.

Haiti is beautiful and I miss everyone at home. Love you Sarah,