Sunday, May 11, 2008

Safe & Sound

I'm happy to report that the Mister safely arrived in Haiti this morning. His luggage was lost, but due to the overly-prepared packing habits of the Wife, he has all the essentials he needs right there in his carry-on (INCLUDING the all-important paperwork). The luggage was jam packed full of donations--medicines, formula, hygeniene items, so we're praying that it makes it way to Haiti. Preferably tomorrow morning so that after his appointment, the Mister can hook up the printer/scanner/fax machine that someone so generously donated (thanks, Trishah!).

When we spoke around the noon hour, he was still unable to locate the Orphanage director to see the boys and get the paperwork he needs. I told him to call me at 5 if he was still without seeing the boys or getting in touch with the director, but I'm relieved to say that 5 has come and gone and nary a problem to report.

Hopefully the trip will continue the good note it began on. We arrived at our local airport to stand in the line of an obviously cranky and tired ticket assistant. And us with TWO overweight pieces of luggage. The Mister leaned over and whispered, "Get ready to cough up the $100. No way she's handing out a break." Just then a fellow who looked like he spent the last year underneath an airplane with no break for a shower came up front and nodded to us to come on up. He weighed both our pieces of luggage and looked at us solemnly. "How much do your bags all weigh?" he asked.

"I think just shy of 50," the Mister replied.

The man twirled his Rollie Fingers mustache and nodded. "That's what this scale says too." He winked at me. After heaving our bags onto the x-ray machine and stealing a glance at Miss Crankypants next to him, he leaned over to me and whispered, "I hate them damn credit card machines."

God Bless our mustached friend.

The Mister will call after filing the paperwork tomorrow. I know that he is nervous that some problem will arise that he won't know how to handle. Please send your prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes his way.

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Me said...

I've enjoyed the last couple of posts.You two are very cute.

Prayers being said that all goes well for the Mister tomorrow! Can't wait to hear the details of his trip.