Monday, May 19, 2008

Race Results

The results are in, and I'm happy to report that we all made it through our races. No one tripped over untied shoe laces (a mother's greatest worry) or got lost by taking a left when the course went right. We did good!

Saturday brought warm temperatures for the Kid Races. Hattie managed to make it through her half-mile run, and I say 'managed' only because she was nursing a very scraped and scabbed knee from an earlier bike fall. It was the first time she had the bandage off and the poor girl said she could feel the scabs stretch with each stride, but she was determined to make it to the end, even finishing with a sprint.

Atticus ran his race in his usual chipper, smiley manner (gee, wonder who he gets that from?). Coming down the finish line, with people cheering the little racers on, he pumped his arms up in a victory "V" while cheering loudly himself. Always the character.

While the children basked in the post-race glory under sunny skies, Cliff and I nearly froze our hineys off Sunday morning. Relatively sheltered by the 'burbs in our neighborhood, we were blasted with a cold shock of hard wind the moment we began our walk across the stadium parking lot. We huddled with thousands of other racers in the Lambeau Atrium to keep warm, and walked en masse over to the starting chutes about 5 minutes before the buzzer rang.

Not ever really having run a race before, I was a bit dismayed to realize that most people, whether they are in the 7 minute/mile section or the 10+minute/mile section, start off at a fast clip. I don't like to, because I'll burn out and struggle through the last mile. I'd rather start slooowwwly and build my way up to my pace, easing my muscles and joints into motion rather than beginning with an all-out assault.

The problem with that is I found it quite disheartening to be passed up by so many people at the start of the race. Not that I was out to beat anyone; heck, I just wanted to finish the race having run the entire distance. But it was just hearing all these pounding feet pass you by; almost as if I was standing in slow motion.

Yet I was not standing in slow motion, and I soon realized that we were already doing the last part of the 5K jaunt: a full loop around the actual Lambeau Field, inside the stadium. The course funneled us out back into the parking lot, and a short turn later the finish line was in sight.

I finished the 5K (3.1 miles) in 31 minutes (so 10 minute/miles). I was quite pleased with my result, and I am so grateful to the Mister for staying with me, providing encouragement, because he could have easily finished a good 6-7 minutes faster. I'm feeling pretty pumped, having finished one race, and so I'm continuing with my training, preparing for next month's 10K Bellin Run.


teletwang said...

Congrats on a great race! You guys rock.

Jen said...

Good for you! I run a 1k warm up run for boot camp and feel like I am going to die doing it! I cannot imagine 4 more...

Sawatzky Kids said...

Congrats! WOW you guys way to rock it out! :) VEry proud friends up here in Canada! LOL
Love ya guys!
Shelly and gang