Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Pink is My Signature Color"

Is this bike not fabulous?!?

My friend on the next street received this bike for Mother's Day. I have a BIG case of bicycle envy. I love pink. I love retro. I love this bike. Which is kind of funny, because I am a gal who does not have a long list of material wants. If anything, I'm trying to get rid of a lot of junk that we have, from our closets to the toybox to the pantry. The only material thing I truly desire right now is about 6 cubic yards of pulverized topsoil for regrading the back yard and mixing into my new garden plot.

I love pink. I blame it on Paloma. The pregnancy hormones I experienced with the child wired me to love ANY and ALL pink. Prior to that, I wasn't so big on pink. I don't know if Hattie ever wore pink prior to age 5. Now, I can't get enough. I would have a pretty pink pseudo Shabby Chic bedroom would it not horrify the Mister. My kids all know I love pink, too. While I didn't get a pretty pink bicycle for Mother's Day, I did get a rather cool pair of pink running shorts, which I love. I wear it with my pink running shirt.

Don't worry, it's a lighter shade of pink.


Jen said...

The bike is cute although I could not pull off a pink retro bike! I think you could though!

This Mama said...

oh my gosh I love it! I love retro cruisers and was going to post a pic one I was drooling over on my blog (I'll get the website to you) I also love old scooters (Vespa) and would love to all cruise around on those (imagine...when the kids are of 8 all on our little tiny retro motorcycles = fun)PLUS I am so there with you on the pink, I love it too. I flip between red and pink, and I like mixing absurd colours like orange, with pink and then some fushia.

Not sure if this made any sense. I think the bike got me a little silly. I am going to go find the website for you now :)

small town girl said...

I just had to tell you, I picked up a pair of metallic pink flats at Target the other day for $7.50! I love them!!! They don't exactly match my phone, which is fushia, but dont clash either LOL

For many years, I rejected pink. I don't know why, it's flattering, it's pretty, and it goes great with green, my favorite color!
I like the bike too.

Beau said...

"My colors are blush and bashful...her COLORS are pink and pink" LOVE that movie! I too became obsessed with the color pink when pregnant with Bella. Like I couldn't get enough kind of obsessed. Now when I go places with both girls and we all have pink winter coats/boots/blankets and misc other items...I feel a little funny, but decide to rock it anyway! I have a purple bike...the runner up cool color :) I recently read in an "Oswald" book (to the kids) that Oswald painted his bike...maybe you should try that? I really want a basket on mine - is that strange? Much love!

Sarah & Crew said...

5 SPARKLY PINK STARS to Becky for knowing the movie!! You rock, girlfriend! And I must say, I also have major envy of your pink winter coat! So glad to read all the pink-loving comments-- I always knew my readers had awesome taste :)