Friday, May 30, 2008

I want to be Nancy Drew

Every evening, Hatfield and I read 2 chapters from a Nancy Drew mystery (the original series). Always 20 chapters, we make it through a book in roughly 10-12 days.

I soooo want to be this girl. She wears sport dresses. Her hair is always perfect. She can shimmy up trees, walk along edges of steep roofs, and hang from bridges. She understands both how to waltz and how to converse about the lesser known rules of collegiate football. She drives a convertible with skill, speaks fluent French and adores her father. She is kind to the elderly, concerned for the ill, compassionate to those who are cold and hungry. I soooo want to be Nancy.

After years of reading Junie B. Jones and the American Girl books, reading Nancy Drew originals are an absolute literary delight. The author uses CLASSIC, TRUE English; No slang dots the pages, no poorly worded sentences scar our ears. No dumbing down of words or terminology exists. Every few pages, Hattie queries the meaning of a new vocabulary word, and on several occasions I have noticed her using her newly treasured word around her brother or sister.

I realize that my middle-aged, mini-van driving self will never be Nancy Drew, but for 30 minutes each evening, Hatfield and I delight being transported into a different world, where we each envision ourselves as our titian-haired, sleuthing heroine.


Jen said...

So nice to see another mom sick of Junie.B.Jones....why does she speak like that? I have been reading those books to Grace forever...I finally got so tired of them we started reading the Anne of Green Gables series, now those are goooood books!

Me said...

I loved Nancy Drew and I think I read every book when I was Hattie's age. I always wanted to be her too. What a fun tradition for you and your daughter.

Beau said...

Soooo funny! I loved Nancy Drew as a child (my sister received a box set when in the hospital getting her appendix I envied her!) I DESPISE the way Junie B. Jones is written, and have to admit I sometimes have "restructured" the writing when I have read it to the kids. I just can't bring myself to say it the way it is written. Can't wait to read them the Nancy Drew series...thanks for the reminder! Becky

Anonymous said...

Just because we see advertisements saying things like "We now sell Harley's!" and people don't understand the "your retarded" t-shirt doesn't mean people are dumbing down. Maybe you are just smarter than you've been led to believe all these years. :) Anyways, I am appreciative and grateful that you take the time to read good books to Hattie. I should probably do the same with Atticus (how about Encyclopedia Brown?). With love and admiration, Cliff

Jen said...

I have to say the "Your retarded" shirt made me laugh out loud.