Monday, May 12, 2008

Daddy of the Year

The Mister gets my vote for 2008 Daddy of the Year Award. My man rocks. I am so proud of all he was able to accomplish today! Here's the running list:

1) He got ALL the info we needed.

2) He managed to confiscate someone's cell phone (with permission, of course) to call me on the way to the Embassy because he knew how worried I was.

3) After first being taken to the wrong building, and then given the runaround by Consulate/USCIS guards (they each kept sending him to the other facility's security entrace), then surviving a huge line in a DMV-style room where in an AMERICAN government building where there was NO English that he could see printed or spoken, he was able to file our paperwork, pay the processing fee and find out our next steps.

4) He returned to the Orphanage and emailed me ALL the things I wanted to know about the boys: their birth names and surnames; their dates of birth; place of birth; their shirt/pant/shoe sizes. PLUS he told me that the boys are in undies and POTTY-TRAINED! I know we as adoptive moms tend to mourn developmental milestones, but, in absolute all-out honesty, this was one milestone I do not feel too upset over missing.

5) He spent the rest of the day playing with the boys and having a blast.

Last night when he returned the boys to their nannies, he said both boys became so upset and cried. One of them quite hysterically so. I think it caught the Mister off-guard just how much fun they would have together. And I think it caught my man off-guard to realize just how much it hurts to leave them behind. It hurts like hell. Just hearing his voice after only spending a few hours with them, I could tell how much they mean to the Mister. How in just a moment's time he has turned into Daddy Bear for them. Thanks, babe. Thank you from the bottom of my motherly heart for doing this for our boys.


Me said...

Doesn't it make you love your husband even more when you see the love he has for your children?

Yay for Dad!

I'm so glad everything turned out great.

small town girl said...

I am requesting a guest blogger---I would love to hear his take on the whole thing!

The part about leaving---ugh, been there and done it. It is so hard, our kids want so desperately to connect to someone that loves and cares for them. It's heartbreaking, and frustrating that the process is, well, SUCH a process!

Melanie said...

Yeah! How exciting! I'm so so so happy that everything got filed, but even more so that Dad and his boys had such a wonderful time together. This visit will give those boys sweet dreams until you return to bring them home!