Friday, April 18, 2008

The Week in Review

It's just Friday morning, therefore making this Week in Review premature, but I'm ready to jump the gun and get the weekend on it's way. Here's the rundown on This Week's Tragedies and Triumphs. Let's start with the bad and end on the good, shall we?

Tragedy #1: My beloved payment-free ugly van I spoke of earlier this week? It spent the week at the mechanic's, and will be returned to me this morning after I shell $1,400 smack-a-roonies. Ugh.

Tragedy #2: The Mister came down with a flu bug. 'Nuff said.

Tragedy #3: The Crayola Dog ate the beginnings of a knit baby blanket, that I had momentarily taken off needles since I needed the needles for a short project. I discovered this while picking up dog doo yesterday morning. Apparently cotton yarn digests relatively well. Synethic white yarn with adorable pink and sage green tufts does not.

Tragedy #4: The process for getting our boys US Visas, once they are issued their passports by the Haitian government, is going to add a good 4-8 weeks onto our process. Basically because the US government, in double checking Haiti's work to make certaint the adoption is "legit," has chosen to reinvent the wheel. At the cost of our tax dollars and time in our boys' lives. We may defect to Canada before proceeding with our next adoption.

Tragedy #5: Upon truly facing the reality of Tragedy #4, I ate a year old Hershey Almond/Toffee Symphony Bar. I think the nuts were bad, or the chocolate, or something, and I was sick for the remainder of the day.

Okay, that's enough wallowing for one day, I think. Now onto the good stuff!

Triumph #1: THE BINKIES HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING!!! That's right, Paloma is binky-free! So for all you relatives out there who tsk-tsk'd me or felt that she would be going to kindegarten, if not college, with her binky basket, you were wrong. The last binky and little yellow binky basket are tucked away, hidden safely, and I'm seriously contemplating having it bronzed.

Triumph #2: Our computer is home. And the cost of the van repair made the computer repair expense seem laughably small. Ha ha ha.

Triumph #3: What do you get when you add a restaurant gift certificate, movie gift card and a trustworthy babysitter? That's right. . . a Date Night for me and the Mister straight out of my Frugal Man's dreams. My crystal ball is revealing a very nice bottle of red wine in my future. . .

Triumph #4: Our seeds are sprouting, and we're dreaming of a big beautiful garden bounty.

Triumph 5: We are finishing up our 5th week in MOI. Whether we're 1 week away or 10from getting those passports, we're 1 week closer no matter how you slice it.


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Wahoo on celebrating the good while still aware of the not ot good. It shows a lot of strength....


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Wahoo on celebrating the good while still aware of the not ot good. It shows a lot of strength....