Friday, April 04, 2008

Sister, You are Almost There!

This has been a great week on many counts. Our beloved Jimmy (Five Frozen Chamorro-ease for "Grandma") spent the night with the kids and animal crew at our house on Wednesday while Cliff and I spent a night away--the THIRD time ever in our marriage. Cliff has been working a PA meeting at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, and as such had accomodations at the hotel. Meaning a FREE night away.

We are not a couple who takes vacations separate from the children, for several reasons. One, we usually do not have the money for extra vacations; two, we don't have long-term, overnight babysitting relatives; and three, we honestly enjoy just hanging out with the kids while they are young. I have nothing against people taking adults-only vacations, and I certainly see the value in them. For us, though, we couldn't care less and are fortunate that we both share in that opinion so neither one of us is resentful.

Our file has been in Haiti's MOI (Ministry of Interior) for 3 weeks now. This is the final Haitian government step, as this approves us for passport printing once we are released from the office. Guessing as to when we get out of MOI is a crapshoot, as I have read on some blog that it could take as little as 2 weeks (yeah, right!) and we have known people in there for as long as a year (which should not be happening anymore). Our agency is telling us 8-16 weeks, give or take. One of the other Moms in our MOI group spoke to Marie (our O's director) earlier this week on the phone. Apparently our files are moving from desk to desk within MOI (granted, there's something like a billion desks there), but just to know that they are not lost in a pile or in the back of a filing cabinet is so reassuring.

"Sister, you are almost there!" Marie kept on telling the Mom, over and over.

Almost there. Amen to that.


Jen said...

Sister!! WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!! Here's to a quick exit.

small town girl said...

Great news! I hope you wrap it up soon!

Sawatzky Kids said...

HOORAY FOR ALMOST THERE!!!!! Praying for a speedy last leg of this journey! I better get my gift in the mail! :)