Friday, April 11, 2008

Shining Faces in Troubled Times

The situation in Haiti is fragile, at best. Some report of improved stability, others do not share that opinion. I have been in a worried funk the past few days, worried about the O's ability to get clean water and food; wondering if the boys were at all in tune to the troubled world outside their home's gates. Marie reported that her food bill doubled nearly overnight,the news reports of most stores being looted or locked down, and the thought of those children being hungry makes my knees feel weak. Our little PAC parents group managed to raise over a thousand dollars in a day's time, and we're hoping that it offsets some of her costs until things stabilize a bit.

Jill's camera made its winding journey back home to the Midwest, complete with an extended Haitian vacation and a re-routed connection via Califorinia. I returned home with the big kids last night from watching a performance by the African Children Choir, to discover that my dear friend had dropped off her only photo cd for me to down(up?)load. What a precious gift! I really needed to see these shining faces.


Sawatzky Kids said...

WONDERFUL to see those precious faces! What a gift to have waiting for you when you got home!
WE are astanding in faith with you that your boys will be home soon!
Luv you guys!
Shelly and Shawn

This Mama said...

Such handsome little guys!!

:) Mandy

me said...

Your boys are precious. What a treat. Perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

They are SO handsome. Oh I hope they come home SOON and the mess in Haiti is resloved.