Friday, April 25, 2008

Boys, Daddy is on His Way!

The Mister is going to Haiti!

What an afternoon! I was able to make our USCIS appointment today to file our I-600 for Monday, May 12th. While I was hoping for a different date so that I would have an opportunity to go down with some other parents (we agreed that neither one of us wanted me to go down by myself), that opportunity did not materialize and we were presented with the 12th. Look at how this was all so meant to be:

Monday the 12th was the only Monday that would work with the Mister's schedule. Anxious to file as quickly as we can, I pressed a bit for an appointment on May 8th. "Is your husband here in Port au Prince, or flying in from the States?" the woman asked. I explained that he would be flying in from the States for the specific purpose of filing the I-600. "Then no, I will only give you the 12th. We just moved, and I can't make a full promise that we would be able to file you I-600 on that Thursday. I don't want his trip to be ruined. Have him come and file on the 12th." Someone in the USCIS looking out for us? God himself had a hand in that one, me thinks.

The Mister will be flying in to Haiti on the morning of the 11th, Mother's Day. So he will meet his two new sons for the first time on Mother's Day, 2008. The last day I spent holding, hugging and kissing my boys was on Mother's Day, 2007. On that day I rocked each boy to near sleep, and before handing them off to their nannies, whispered the promise in their ears that before a year was over, we would be back to pick them up or visit.

Now, I realize that they had ZERO understanding of the words I was saying. And it was a silly little promise made in a very emotional moment. But, it was still weighing on me that a whole year would go by and we wouldn't see them. So just knowing that Cliff will be there, hugging them, exactly one year later, elevates my spirits.

Originally we had planned for him to fly out O'Hare, which is a good 3.5 hour drive away. The tickets were a tad shy of $400, which looked good to us, but it would require us to drive down the night before and spend it in a hotel. Well, that right there adds another $100 or so into the mix. Before I booked it, the Mister wisely encouraged me to check out flights from our city's International Airport (called so because of it's ONE flight to Canada). I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a roundtrip ticket for $440! The next booking available was over $625! So needless to say, we were thrilled at how the airfare fell to our favor as well.

His stay in Haiti will be short; in Sunday morning, out Tuesday mid-morning. But the time there is invaluable: both for Cliff and the boys, and for our Visa file. It is still hard for me to believe that we are now at a point where we can file this and the orphan investigation will begin.

So, in just two short weeks, we'll be saying bon voyage! So much to do between now and then, and I promised the Mister that I would not load him up with the biggest suitcases we have, all well above the weight limit (I did cross my fingers on that one). I am giddy with the thought that he'll be able to see what size clothing they wear, how big their little feet are, and if they are potty trained. Finally to have some solid figures to prepare their closets, to start mentally packing their coming home suitcase...the joy it brings this Mama's heart is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I need written, detailed instructions. I will be somewhere where English is not understood and my understanding of French and Cajun relates around food(french fries, cajun fries). Please, give me a form to fill out for clothes and such. Did I mention I'm absent minded? And there is a 50 lb limit. I'm not scared, just.... freaked out. -cc

Anonymous said...

Great News for your family! One major step closer to bring your boys home! Congrats!


Jen said...

yay!! that is wonderful news that your boys will be getting some extra love from their daddy! Hope all goes well and without a hitch!!

small town girl said...

Great news! It's amazing how it all works out!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Wonderful news Sarah! Our prayers continue for your family's final reunion. Hopefully this trip will be a big step forward in the journey! We love you guys!
Swat Team

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

I am excited for you too!!!

Would you recommned that I file the the I-600 as soon as hear Panda is in MOI???

Would your hubby be willing to ask if her file is indeed now out of Parquet??