Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paloma's Been Tagged!

Paloma's e-friend, Lil Miss Tuki over at Call of the Phoebe, has tagged Paloma in an Easter Meme. So, here are 10 good things to know about our Little Miss Paloma:

1) When I was pregnant with Paloma, we knew we would name her Paloma, but our intention was to call her Lola. She was born, and the name Lola just could not come out of my mouth. She is a Paloma, through and through!
2) Paloma calls Hatfield, "Hattie" and Atticus "my bruvah"
3) Paloma loves to sing. She sings about 60% of her daily communication. When she is alone in her room, or in the bubble bath, she REALLY belts it out.
4) Paloma loves her bubble baths. The moment she feels she is done with dinner, she yells, "Bubble Bath!" and runs upstairs. Usually the rest of us have taken a whole 5bites of food by this point in time. Mean Mama makes her wait or tries to encourage her to come back to the table for more food. If Daddy is home, he jumps up and complies.
5) When Paloma is very upset and wants something, she meows instead of using words.
6) Every morning after Paloma wakes up, she greets all the pets with a Morning! and by name: Morning, Wanda! Morning, Oh-knee! Morning, Kitty! Morning, Other Kitty!
7) When putting Paloma to bed, she likes to say, "Night night" to everyone and everything she can think of, while patting my back or shoulder. It is one of the favorite parts of her Mama's day.
8) Paloma can count to 10 and say her ABC's.
9) Paloma loves bubbles, sidewalk chalk and riding our collection of Big Wheels.
10) While her speech is improving, Paloma will talk at a rapid pace, for minutes on end, and we can't understand a word of it; hence, her nickname "Pentecostal Paloma."

Now it's Paloma's turn to tag some friends. She chooses:
-Lydia and her Mama Melanie
-Wyatt and his Mama Shelly
-Sophia and her Mama Chris
-Tyler and her Mama Debbie


Sawatzky Kids said...

LOVE this!
I headed over to our site to get right on it! ;)
Later Tater

Sophia said...

Thanks for the "shout out" Paloma. We should have a playdate this summer when we are in Green Bay!