Monday, March 17, 2008

How to Home School with a Two Year Old

People ask me this all the time, and I just can't figure out why they don't get it.


Every Monday morning, the Mister transfers Paloma's carseat out of his van, which we take to Church every Sunday, to my van, which really just sits in the garage all week. For some reason, last Monday he brought the carseat into the family room instead of placing it into my car. I was a bit annoyed at first, until I saw Paloma's reaction. She thought having the carseat in the house was the coolest thing ever. She loved to strap, unstrap and restrap herself, all day long. She spent hours in that thing, and as long as we kept a continual supply of books, snacks and water coming her way, she was set.

I'm thinking that if we continued to do this everyday, it might be blurring the lines of some law, somewhere. Funny how it was never mentioned in any home school manual I ever read. Rest assured, the carseat returned to its rightful location shortly after naptime that day.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Love this post! I often wondered if this wasn't the way you were keeping Miss Paloma occupied while you schooled! I kid, I kid!
Miss you guys
Shelly and gang

Anonymous said...

I thank you for taking the picture inside the cage. Also, it was a nice touch to add a toy to the scene. :) Seriously, thank you for homeschooling despite the existence of our little Gaz (Guamanian version of the Tasmanian Devil) making a mess and throwing havoc in the way. You are a saint (and an amazing one at that!)
-The Mister
(Can I refer to myself as Mr. Mister? Take these broken wings....)

Jen said...

Ahhh, so that is how you do it! Restraints!! what a good idea. Does it work for husbands too?