Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hooray for Hatfield!

I am so proud to report that Hatfield had a mighty fine weekend! Friday night held her Pom and Dance Recital at a local high school. Due to its late hour, only I and her good buddy Evelyn were able to attend (too late for the littles in our house). Fortunately, Mr. C. and littles were able to catch the dress rehearsal the night before.

Her team gave two spectacular performances! While Hattie typically does not care to be up on stage (the poor thing always had that frozen, nearly pained, perma-grin during past school concerts), my little girl absolutely shines up there on stage when she has her Pom and Dance routine going on.

My little tom-boy is slowly morphing into a girly-girl, as she loved having me curl her hair and apply a little clear lip gloss for her special night. Watching her up on stage, performing just after the little 4-year olds in sparkly tutus, made me realize just how grown up my girl is becoming. My heart felt like it could burst for how poised and accomplished my little girl looked; the little girl who just yesterday was twirling about in her own sparkly tutu.

Hatfield's great weekend continued on Saturday morning, when she participated in the local Piano Federation competition. Hattie has been practicing her two pieces--Open Seas, and The Coconut Shuffle, for months. She knew them by heart, forward, backwards, upside down, with her toes, etc. All of her practice and hard work paid off, as she nailed her two pieces and scored a perfect rating of "Superior!" Just the boost of confidence she needed, as she was very nervous to attend Federation. What a wonderful lesson in how hard work pays off!

Scatterbrained Mama here forget her camera. Hatfield had the pleasure of playing on a black Steinway grand piano! She and her teacher walked into the room a bit early to practice, and upon discovery the piano, her teacher became so giddy that she had to sit down and play a little piece herself. And the sound of that beautiful piano. . .oh my! Such a treat for all of us.

To celebrate, Hattie and I went to Cold Stone Creamery, where we delightfully pigged out on a jumbo-sized, chocolate-dipped waffle cone bowl of Birthday Cake Remix. Yummy!

Congratulations to my beautiful girl! Hattie, Mom and Dad are soooooo proud of you!


Sawatzky Kids said...

Congrats to you Hattie! What a great post to hear how things are going for you with your dance! Keep up the great work lady!
Shelly and gang

Anonymous said...

Hattie, How exciting! I am so proud of you, playing the piano is no easy thing to do. I hope that someday I will get to hear you play. Until then keep practicing up and keep challenging yourself to do better everytime.

Daddy Joe