Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a nice little holiday, just our 5 and my baby brother Adam. My folks are in Florida; my sister had plans with her in-laws, so we kept things low-key (aka Mom put sweats on after getting home from church) and relaxed.

With Easter coming so very early this year, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase two of those sweet little SLEEVELESS Easter dresses donning the front windows of every store. First, there's the whole compact thing. Second, it's MARCH and COLD and there's still SNOW on the ground. You would think that stores would be able to figure this one out, but given their selection, apparently not. So we improvised and the girls wore some pretty things hanging in their closet (Granny--do you recognize Paloma's beautiful dress? We received compliments everywhere we went :) and Atticus donned his nice blue dress shirt and "sharp" tie.

A family tradition is to order an Easter cake which looks like an egg or basket and is smothered in Easter candy from an old-fashioned, landmark bakery here in our town. The most delicious white cake ever, our family has purchased their cakes for things as far back as my mother's baby shower when she was pregnant with Adam. Well, Cliff went on Tuesday to order the cake and found the bakery closed for good. After mourning a day or two, I went ahead and ordered a cake from Sam's Club, which was cute but just not the same. Of course, I didn't have the foresight to photograph the cake before I sliced into it.

My brother Adam is a quiet guy with a heart of gold. He lives a rather calm existence in a little apartment with his cat. Here at my house he has Mega Rock Star Status as my kids WORSHIP him wholeheartedly. They cannot get enough of him, and at times have little played tug-a-war with his lanky arms as they've each tried to capture his attention with a favorite toy or game.

I snapped this photo of Adam, reacting to a post-dinner situation. Cliff fed the dogs a lot of ham scraps, and Wanda the Border Collie with an ultra sensitive stomach promptly ran to the family room where she threw up the ham cocktail all over the rug. "Ohhhhh! Wanda threw up!" Hattie yelled, running away from the family while plugging her nose.

"Ewwww! Now Ernie's eating it!" Atticus screamed while tearing through the house, "Now I want to throw up!"

Poor Adam didn't know whether to laugh, cry or hurl. Welcome to another holiday with our family.


This Mama said...

oh man - your blog is such a hoot!
Your girls look so sweet in their Easter clothes...sounds like a great time, even with the puking. I recall my last Christmas at home with my folks our aging cat projectile vomited (out of the blue) right across the front of the tree. It was nasty but it was a Christmas we will never forget.
Mandy :)

Sawatzky Kids said...

Yet another great post! Woman you are on a roll! Love the girls Easter coats!
Shelly and gang