Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Five

Made it through the week, and it was pretty good! Here are five new updates from the week:

1) Ample sections of our lawn can now be viewed with the naked eye. Much of it is disguised by mud. Fortunately for the lawn, the mud will soon be gone as the dogs are successfully bringing it into our home in mass quantities via their paws and a 2-year old who opens the sliding glass door at will.

2) Said 2-year old is pitching fewer tantrums, with the exception of the times Momma tries to prevent her from opening the aforementioned sliding glass door. Nothing in the universe exists that has the ability to distract this toddler from the Sliding Glass Door tantrums.

3) Our adoption file made some good progress. Still no idea as to when our two new sons will be coming home, but it looks good that it will be sometime during the 2008 Calendar Year.

4) During a Major Mom Freakout last Sunday, a Family Meeting was called to order and new laws were put into effect. This includes the reinstitution of consequences for the No Made Bed law and the Zero Tolerance for Dirty Dishes on the Counter law. New ordinances established a 7-day Hiautus from Television Viewing and a 10-day PS2 Sabattical. Legislation was drafted for a Family Service Project and a Family Friday Fun Night.

5) The new laws and ordinances were put into place without tears, and no riots brewed in the past week. The children have happily complied and are enjoying the "new" board games and toys that were accumulating dust in the back of the toy closet. Mom has realized that an occasional TV break taken out of necessity is a very good and completely realistic action. Instituting a no TV rule out of principal alone tends to invite anarchy and an empty liquor cabinet. (see blogs from Fall 2007).


Sawatzky Kids said...

Friday Five...Love it!
What great and might I say witty updates! ;0
Shelly and gang

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Paloma has been tagged by Tuki!!


Sarah & Crew said...

Just a note- the 7 days of no tv are over. Not that I was counting.....

"The Mister"