Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time Warp

Sheesh. One whole week since I last blogged. This has been the fastest moving week in recent memory, and for no particular reason. With the realization that we're getting closer to bringing home the boys, I'm really making an extra effort to spend as much time with my kids here as possible. Probably seems like a funny statement coming from a homeschooling mom who spends 95% of each day with her kids. I'm just trying to cut out the time warp-y distractions while I'm with them: unnecessary phone gabbing, blogsurfing, overdoing the housework during the daytime. More undivided, quality-driven time.

More blogs to come. Soon. Promise!

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Melissa said...

Sarah -
My husband and I came across your blog and I am AMAZED at how I can relate to your journey. We too live in WI and are in the LONG process of completing an adoption for a Haitian Angel! We will keep your family in our prayers and would LOVE to get in contact with you at some point. God Bless ~Melissa