Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Reality of It

It's been a rough winter this year. Everywhere I go, this seems to be the topic of conversation among people as of late. Even I must admit that February has been so long, harsh and cold, I'm counting the hours until it's just over.

Spring is slowly creeping into my reality, evidenced by the huge onslaught of gardening and home school curriculum catalogues nestled into our daily mail delivery.

Just paging through them over the past few days, thinking thoughts about April and May, put me into a Spring state of mind. Planning some new garden beds, thinking about where to place an apple tree in our yard, all had me feeling a bit giddy. Add in the time I spend reading some of the great gardening blogs written by all our Southern gals out there, and I was left itching to get my hands in some dirt.

This morning brought sunlight streaming brightly through the curtains by 6:30 a.m., with the faint sound of birds chirping. I instantly began daydreaming about just how many inches of snow would be melting off my yard today, how many inches closer I would be to that glorious black dirt.

Rolling over, I turned on the morning news. Reality hit hard. The first station listed the current temp as 5 degrees F. The second station, -1 degree.

Life here in the snowbelt sure can suck the life right out of you some mornings.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Nothing like a good reality check to start the day off! We are praying for spring up here too :)
Shelly and gang