Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweetie gave me a huge surprise this year by sending me these beautiful red roses.

It probably seems silly that it was a surprise, but we have never done anything like this in the past for this day other than a small candy exchange. The flowers smell heavenly, and now our bedroom smells so fresh and lovely.

Paloma was an absolute sweetheart this morning and allowed me to fix her hair. Yes, this means she looked perfectly presentable when we met my folks and Cliff out for a Valentine's lunch.

Historically, Paloma has been a complete nightmare when it came to her hair. She would scream bloody murder if I got so much as 5 feet near her with a brush, and the few times I had tried to put in a barrette or a pony were nightmarish.

But look! You can see my baby girl's pretty brown eyes! And cute button nose! Thank you Paloma and Cliff, for two very nice Valentine gifts.


Sawatzky Kids said...

OH MY GOODNESS does Paloma look like a little girl in this picture or what!? Where is the adorable baby Paloma!? Who is this adorable little girl! LOL
It takes be back to Sophies younger hair days!
And the roses aren't so bad either ;)
Luv ya sista

Sarah & Family said...

Shelly, the first thing out of Hattie's mouth, when she saw Paloma, was "She reminds me of little Sophia!"

This Mama said...

AWWWwwww, she is soooo cute :)
I am a big fan of the piggy tales too (when they let you).

I am glad you had some nice suprises & a great day!