Sunday, February 17, 2008

10,000 Hits!

10,000 Hits on my little ole blog?!? That fact nearly snuck under the radar.

Okay, maybe it didn't really sneak under the radar. The Mister is laughing hysterically at that previous statement, and in between snorts he's relaying that the last 99 hits were probably all me, stalking my own blog to see if it hit 10,000 yet. Thanks, dear!

So who are all of you? Please, take this opportunity and de-lurk! I'd love to hear from you and check out your blogs too. . . I've made some good friends, discovered new ways of looking at things, cried a lot of tears and laughed myself silly over postings I've stumbled across. So come on now, take a moment to say hello :)


amanda said...

I love your blog-it lets me know how Atticus is doing- I miss him!!!

Dawn Shelton said...

well, I haven't been lurking, this is actually my first time here! I thought I would see if you have a picture of your cat on here! :)

A Blessed Life said...

Hey! I am a part of your "fan club". Congrats on reaching 10,000. Wow!

Lurky McLurker said...

I nu u when u wer kewl :)

The Tall Frys & Small Frys said...

Your boys are so handsome and they do look so healthy! What wonderful pictures.
I found your blog after you commented on mine. I am manmi to three Haitian angels home since November 1st. I recently took my blog private, but you can email me at tallfrys @ if you want to see it again sometime. You may want to remove the link to it as it is not viewable by all anymore.
mrs. Tall fry

Team Hellyer said...

I'm a friend of Bettcher's down in Chi-Town and just I love your blog and reading about your growing family. Congrats on making the 10,000 mark!

Brigita's MaMa said...

Your insightful comments and nearness to God bring tears to my eyes. . .Keep up keeping up.