Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shelly. . here's the proof!

Shelly, I know you would NEVER believe this unless you could see it:

I have actually placed photos in my picture frames on the walls of our family room.

These picture frames have sat empty for. . .let's just say months.

I am notorious for being photo challenged. Both in my taking photo ability, and for actually getting around to printing, organizing and/or displaying photos. My mother recently went into my laundry room, where I have a shelving/hook unit with photo slots. A few minutes later she came out and remarked that for the life of her, she cannot figure out just who the people are in the photos.

Neither can I. Because they came with the frame.

But this is a new year, with a sparkly new photo-capable Sarah. . . which is probably taking it too far, but hey, it's only the 3rd, and I can dream.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Welcome to the world of "Framed Family Photos!" LOL
Job well done sista!
Shelly and gang