Friday, January 25, 2008

Lost in Translation

Cliff and I have recently increased our efforts to prepare our kids at home for our two new additions. Discussing with each of them things to expect, problems to prepare for, fun things we can all do together, changes that they are worried about. Cliff and I have spent countless evenings discussing these topics between the two of us, trying so hard to make certain that we don't leave anything major out.

Yesterday we found our just how much of major we've been leaving out.

Atticus loves to talk to his buddy Canada Jack. The conversations are quite a stitch, as they can last for as long as 30 minutes and involve such intense discussions as "I like Spiderman better than Spiderman 3?" and "What did you have for lunch today?" So yesterday, Atticus began telling Jack that he would be coming to "camp" at Jack's house for 4 days. "Mom, when are we going?" Atticus asked me.

"Not until your brothers are home," I said.

"I'll visit after my brothers are home," Atticus informed him. "But Jack, you have to get ready, because after my brothers come home, we will only speak Creole. So I won't remember how to talk to you in English anymore, cuz we'll only talk Creole. You have to have your mom teach you Creole, so we can talk. The only Creole I can teach you right now is BONJOU, which means HI. You have to learn the rest."

Got that, Shelly? Teach that boy some Creole!

Yikes. It never occured to us in teaching our children about the language barriers, and in our daily attempts to learn Creole, that one of them would actually think that we would only be speaking Creole in a few short months. Can you even imagine? Thank the Lord that hugs, kisses and the word "No" are universally understood.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Too funny! It is very funny to listen to those conversations! I promise the swat team will know for sure two three words for when we get to meet your new additions!
Just pass along the ones we should know! LOL