Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We were recently blessed by a good friend who gave me ALL of her Little People playsets. Upon bringing them home, we created a huge Little People Village in the play area of our schoolroom. The kids had a blast playing with it for a good few week.

However, with the holiday ending and school ready to start up again, I found myself in the dilemma of figuring out just where to put them all! So, I gathered up my courage and tackled the dreadfully-packed schoolroom storage closet.

Amazingly, 90% of what was in that closet went to either Manna or the garbage. Yikes! I commandeered a shelving unit from the "Man House" (unfinished storage room, named by Atticus), and set up a nice little Little People storage area, if I do say so myself:

But here is the problem: in setting up this nice little 5 foot x 4 foot storage space, I completely DESTROYED the 12 foot x 20 foot Man House Storage area. I mean HAVOC, people! As in I am too embarrassed to post a picture of it.

I am not quite sure the means justified the end here, as I am now looking at a good 2 days of Man House Work. Sigh.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Okay what is the deal?..... I feel like you are posting all this organization because you have a secret powered way of seeing into my closets! LOL ;)
Looking good! Now come and visit and work your magic across the border!
Shelly and gang